Famous breakdancing magician in music extravaganza here

Magical Bones.
Magical Bones.
Magical Bones.

Street magician Magical Bones fuses classic card tricks with impressive breakdancing moves


In a sea of magicians working hard to wow audiences with never-before- seen tricks, magician Magical Bones (left) has distinguished himself from the pack with his slick dance moves.

The Briton, whose real name is Richard Essien, is a breakdancing street magician.

He fuses classic card tricks with impressive breakdance moves, resulting in a performance that is doubly spectacular. One example is his signature trick, where he catches a card selected by an audience member while executing a gravity-defying backflip.

He is among the six acts featured in Impossible, a magic extra- vaganza that will take place at Kallang Theatre from March 10 to 19.

There wasn't any other magician who was breakdancing too, so I'm proud I have that unique selling point.

BREAKDANCING MAGICIAN MAGICAL BONES whose signature trick is catching a card selected by an audience member while executing a gravity-defying backflip

The two-hour spectacle traces the origins of magic from the 16th century to present day, with the six performers executing every type of sorcery, from escapism to levitation to mind reading.

The show premiered on London's West End and has been performed across the United Kingdom and in Dubai.

For Magical Bones, Impossible is his biggest gig since switching careers a decade ago.

Before magic became his bread and butter, the 34-year-old bachelor used to be a hip-hop dancer performing in music videos for the likes of singers Madonna and Alicia Keys.

However, his childhood love of magic continued to grow.

"The passion just kept growing. I would be performing tricks in front of friends, family and even at work," he tells The Straits Times.


  • WHERE: Kallang Theatre, 1 Stadium Walk

    WHEN: March 10 to 19, 7.30pm (Fridays and Saturdays), 2pm (Saturdays and Sundays)

    ADMISSION: $38 to $168 from Sistic (call 6348-5555 or go to www.sistic.com.sg)

    INFO: impossiblelive.com

He then had the bright idea of combining his dance skills with magic. "There wasn't any other magician who was breakdancing too, so I'm proud I have that unique selling point," he says.

He then started performing on the streets, in clubs and at corporate events before he was approached by Impossible's producers to be part of the show.

Now, he cannot be happier with his life. "I have fused my two loves: hip-hop dance and magic."

1 Why the name Magical Bones?

It's a reflection of my dancing background. I was given the name "Bones" when I was a hip-hop dancer because of my dynamic style. It looks like I'm breaking bones in my body when I dance.

2 Do you remember your first brush with magic?

I remember watching famous magician Paul Daniels as a child.

When I turned 10, my mum bought me a magic kit. It had more than 100 tricks to try and that got me hooked. After that, I started reading books, watching magic shows on television and it became a life-long hobby.

3 Where do you get your inspiration for tricks from?

Just stuff that goes on in life. Magic is more powerful when you can relate to it.

4 What is your favourite part about being a magician?

The experience it gives to people. Magic is a form of escapism and to see people react with child-like wonder, I get pleasure.

5 You have left many spellbound, but what has been the most memorable audience reaction?

I once did my backflip card trick, but fell on my face. I still caught the card though. What the audience members did not know was that I had a glass of champagne in an inner pocket. So when I caught the card after falling and pulled out the glass still holding the champagne, everyone was shocked. It was funny to see their reaction.

6 What do you believe makes a great magician?

Someone who is honest in his or her dishonesty. By that, I mean let the audience know that what we are doing is not real, but still amazing nonetheless.

7 What would you do if you were not a magician?

I would probably be working as an actuary or a school teacher. I studied mathematics in university and used to be quite studious. In my family, we were only allowed to be doctors, lawyers or accountants. But my parents are fine with what I do now.

8 How would like to be remembered?

As an extraordinary, kind and gorgeous individual.

I could go on and on, how much time have we got?

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