Lifestyle Picks Podcast: Rare peek at well-known collectors' private collections

Chua Mia Tee's painting of 1980s Chinatown. PHOTO: THE PRIVATE MUSEUM

Lifestyle Picks Ep 86: Rare peek at well-known collectors' private collections

6:49 mins

Synopsis: Every Thursday, find out about lifestyle and even stay-home entertainment choices during the Covid-19 period in Singapore.

This week, Money FM's Bernard Lim hosts The Straits Times' senior culture correspondent Ong Sor Fern who shares about her pick for the week.

The Private Museum's show Silhouettes: Collecting Singapore Modern - Selections From The Collection Of Su-Yen Wong And Fermin Diez, is a chance to peek at what collectors have in their private collections, which are rarely on display.

There are paintings by familiar names like Cheong Soo Pieng and Chua Mia Tee, but the works are unusual as they are not the usual romanticised nostalgia scenes.

Produced by: Money FM's Bernard Lim & ST Lifestyle desk

Edited by: Bernard Lim & Penelope Lee

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