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Kids' clothes for adults

Kids’ jumper, $24.95 from H&M.
Kids’ jumper, $24.95 from H&M. PHOTO: H&M
Mel Space Love + Jason Wu, $120, from Melissa. Available in red, black, pink and silver.
Mel Space Love + Jason Wu, $120, from Melissa. Available in red, black, pink and silver. PHOTO: MELISSA
Mel Space Love + Jason Wu, $120, from Melissa. Available in red, black, pink and silver. Kids' T-shirt, $25.90 from Zara. Wide-brim sun hat, $18.95, from Cotton On Kids. Kids' jumper, $24.95 from H&M.
Kids’ T-shirt, $25.90 from Zara. PHOTO: ZARA
Wide-brim sun hat, $18.95, from Cotton On Kids.
Wide-brim sun hat, $18.95, from Cotton On Kids. PHOTO: COTTON ON

Small-sized women can find clothing and accessory options in the children's department

Petite women can have trouble finding cute clothes that don't swallow them. But shopping smart, not hard, is entirely possible.

Pint-sized women can open up a whole new world by shopping in the kids' section, for instance.

"There's no shame in buying and wearing kids' clothes. You'll also enjoy major savings," says 29-year-old business development executive Michelle Lee, who stands at 155cm and shops in the kids' section.

Children's clothing is usually cheaper than those for adults for the same brand, she points out.

And it's not just casual clothing such as kids' T-shirts and shorts that are wearable. Accessories such as children's eyewear can also fit smaller faces better, for example.

But before you head to the kiddie racks, arm yourself with these tips.

•Shop with brands that are for adults but have kids' lines too, such as most high-street stores. Their clothing designs are usually more wearable than those at a dedicated kids' store.

•Look in the boys' section, not just the girls'. There are lots of T-shirt choices here and even hoodies, especially if you intend to wear them with the sleeves pushed up slightly. Girls' clothing and accessories can often be just a tad too frilly and pink - unless unicorns, fairy wings and Princess Elsa are your thing.

•Pay special attention to the neckline. Sometimes a T-shirt or sweater will fit everywhere except for the neckline, which can be too small. So, test it out to make sure it is not too constricting.

•Steer clear of jumpsuits. Sweatpants may fit, but the crotch of a kids' jumpsuit is often too high to be comfortable.

•Before buying shoes, look online for size conversion charts, as sizes can vary between adults' and kids' lines, as well as between countries.

Again, stick to brands for adults that also carry kids' lines when it comes to footwear, such as Nike, Timberland, Ralph Lauren and Melissa.

Women who wear size EU35, for instance, can snag a pair of Melissa's Mel Space Love + Jason Wu shoes from the girls' line for $120, while the average price of a shoe produced in collaboration with designer Jason Wu from the adults' range is $145.

Now that's a good deal.

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