Jay Chou ends wedding tour with Gold Coast party; snubbed Jacky Wu calls Chou 'ungrateful'

TAIPEI - Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan concluded their wedding tour with a sunlit party on Monday in Gold Coast, as his former mentor Jacky Wu, who was not invited, cast a chill over the celebration and said Chou was ungrateful.

Following their Jan 17 wedding in England and Feb 9 banquet in Taiwan, pop superstar Chou, 36, and model Quinlivan, 21, headed for Australia for a party for her family, said China Times.

On Weibo, he shared a photo grid of images of the luncheon in the glass-wrapped, seaside Sheraton Mirage Resort, which he called a "simple, grand Australia family wedding". Later, more photos were posted of the couple, wearing baby blue and taking a walk on the beach after the party.

China Times said the Australia leg of the nuptials was for Quinlivan's paternal grandparents, who - like Chou's maternal grandmother - had been unable to travel to England for the wedding ceremony.

About 50 friends and family members attended the continental buffet at the resort, said the report. The couple walked in as Chou's song Ukulele played. His buddies, hip-hop trio CUG's Mai and Snow, also danced.

According to Apple Daily, the nuptials on three continents cost NT$34 million (S$1.5 million), and the luncheon in Australia alone, NT$5 million.

Meanwhile, at a taping of his variety show Hot Door Night in Taiwan, host Wu struck a sour note when he was told of Chou's latest party, said China Times and Apple Daily.

Wu said: "There must be a big problem. The person who helped you most in this life didn't attend your wedding."

He had given Chou a start in show business, a job as a composer, in the late 1990s, after an awkward, adolescent Chou took part in the host's talent show. But after Chou rose to stardom in 2000, Wu sold his company Alfa Music - whose greatest asset was a contract with the star - for NT$300 million in 2001.

Amid the talk about bad blood between the men, one theory is that Chou's resentment at Wu dates to the star's romance with host Patty Hou, which began around 2005. Wu blabbed to the press then about Chou's unconfirmed previous relationship with singer Jolin Tsai, and the star was called a two-timer.

Another rumour has it that Wu borrowed money from Chou. But the host rejected the theories on Monday, saying: "I didn't borrow a dime from Jay."

Chou's company JVR Music maintained: "Jacky Wu was on the guest list Jay made but in the end Chou's mother prepared the shortlist."

Chou had invited his seniors in show business, such as hosts Chang Fei and Chang Hsiao-yen, to the banquet in Taiwan. Wu said he did not think he had lost face by being snubbed. Instead, he said he worried about "that young man Little Chou".

He said the mother who gave birth to Chou might not have been able to give him the help he needed. Speaking of Chou's failure to show gratitude for his past, Wu added: "How will this child face the future?"

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