Inspired by Singaporean of the Year

I was inspired by the article, I Don't Think I'm Special (Life, Feb 21), on Madam Noriza Mansor.

Her kind act of cleaning up an elderly stranger who soiled himself won her The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year award.

I was at a neighbourhood coffee shop when a woman in a cotton frock and a crew cut sat at our table without asking.

She was mumbling to herself and coughed loudly into her handkerchief.

I cringed inwardly and wanted to move to another table, but the image of Madam Noriza came to mind, which made me stay on to finish my meal.


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The woman was served a bowl of fishball kway teow and, when she finished, asked us in Hokkien if she could have a glass of barley water.

My husband, who understood her, agreed and I volunteered to buy it.

That was when I realised her meal was given to her by the vendors.

Vicky Chong

The very humble Madam Noriza Mansor is a really special person, willing to help others although she is not a nurse.

When my mother soiled herself days before her passing, I ran out of the house because of the stench.

Madam Noriza certainly deserves to be the first recipient of The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year award.

Linda Tan

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