Hour At The Museum: We Saw Things That Others Didn't at Taksu Singapore

WhiteAnd Yellow (2015).
WhiteAnd Yellow (2015).PHOTOS: TAKSU SINGAPORE

We Saw Things That Others Didn't is a group exhibition by nine contemporary artists from the Philippines mounted by art gallery Taksu Singapore. Its title, rather than being boastful, refers to the sharing of discoveries by the artists who work in the genres of photography, sculpture and painting.

White And Yellow (2015)

By Angel Ulama, oil and acrylic, 1.98x1.8m

White paintings symbolise the idea of the void and represent mankind's search for meaning and purpose in life. Ulama's take on the white painting goes beyond applying white paint on a canvas, using rows and lines painted in a grid.

Something That Started (2015)

By Atsuko Yamagata, mixed media on Japanese paper, 61 x46cm

Japan-born and Manila- based artist Yamagata explores the visualisation of space as voids to be felt rather than seen. He uses handmade paper sourced from Japanese master papermaker Asao Shimura, who is based in the Philippines.

Paint Thing (series) (2015)

By Felix Bacolor, acrylic in casing, variable dimensions

In this cheeky take on painting, a funnel is inserted at the top of each picture frame. Paint appears to have been poured into the funnel and spills out onto the frame. The work draws attention towards what happens around the art, as opposed to its "artiness". It also questions the perception of what "genius" is, as the act of pouring can itself be magical and glorious.

Work Is Good But Money Is Better 4 (2015)

By Marija Vicente, mixed media on bank notes, 160x66mm

This young artist draws attention to the plight of fine arts degree holders who struggle to make a living through their art. Using real banknotes as a medium, she seems to be questioning the value of art and who gets to determine its value.

Interactions Series Volume 4 (2015)

By Monica Delgado, acrylic, 73x76cm

Delgado's work straddles painting and sculpture. Her method, which involves meticulous repetition, recalls a factory production line. The result of the almost mechanical process is surprisingly vibrant and warm.

Less Is More 1 (2015)

By Poch Naval, mixed media, 33x23cm

Naval's work makes use of found materials such as paint-spattered cardboard pieces and discarded X-ray film, which lets glitches and flaws shine through.

Journey To Becoming series C (2015)

By Raena Abella, wetplate collodion positive on glass, 20x25cm

Abella captures images of her son with a traditional photography technique called "collodion", where images are etched on glass using chemicals and photographic materials. The tedious method gives weight to the mother-son relationship.

Abandoned 1x (2015)

By Soler Santos, mixed media, 68x30cm 27x12inches

Santos uses photographs of derelict and abandoned spaces in a way that imbues the sites with hope. The beauty of debris, wall stains and peeling paint sometimes reveals a "higher force" at work and speaks of the stories that these places have seen.

WHERE: 01-72 Workloft@Chip Bee , 43 Jalan Merah Saga MRT: Holland Village WHEN: Today and tomorrow, 10am to 7pm, Sunday, 10am to 6pm ADMISSION: Free INFO: taksu.com

Nabilah Said

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