Hong Kong protests: Stars take to the subway as demonstrations shut down roads

Aaron Kwok posted a selfie on the train after his driver got stuck in traffic. -- PHOTO: AARON KWOK'S INSTAGRAM
Aaron Kwok posted a selfie on the train after his driver got stuck in traffic. -- PHOTO: AARON KWOK'S INSTAGRAM
Canto-pop star Alex To described the trains as fast. -- PHOTO: ALEX TO'S WEIBO
A photo posted by TV star Jessica Hsuan on social media site Weibo shows a grab pole on a train. -- PHOTO: JESSICA HSUAN'S WEIBO
Actor Julian Cheung with his wife, actress-singer Anita Yuen on the MTR. -- PHOTO: JULIAN CHEUNG'S WEIBO

Hong Kong - Hong Kong's stars are hopping onto subway trains as pro-democracy protests trap swathes of the city in gridlock, Bloomberg reports.

Action stars, Canto-pop singers and teen heartthrobs are ditching their Lamborghinis and other fancy wheels, and hanging tightly onto subway straps alongside commuters on the world-class mass transit system.

The city's smartphone snappers have gleefully caught some famous faces on trains - while the stars themselves have not been shy to post selfies of their rare commutes.

Bloomberg has highlighted screen superstar Chow Yun Fat in goatee and baggy sweatpants onboard a train, as pro-democracy protests enter their third week.

Matinee idol Aaron Kwok posted a selfie on Instagram to last Wednesday with this comment: "Just realised Connaught Road Central was blocked after I had a haircut in Central. No cabs in sight and my driver was stuck in traffic,'' he says.

"I haven't been on the subway for 10 years, it's so much faster than driving my own car."

TV star Jessica Hsuan,, too, has stepped through train doors. "It's better to take the subway today," Hsuan wrote on Weibo on Sept 29, the day after police fired tear gas at protesters, triggering a rise in sympathy and crowd size.

The protests have locked down intersections, and disrupted 40 per cent of buses. But not everyone is disgruntled. Actor Julian Cheung, who uploaded pictures of himself with actress-singer wife Anita Yuen on their train journey, writes approvingly on Weibo: "The MTR is so fast."

Hongkongers have also shared snaps of Canto-pop star Alex To and actress Linda Chung taking the train. Who knows? While stars may not move en masse onto trains, their commutes may not be a fleeting occurrence either. On Weibo, To comments: "Taking the train because of traffic jams. Turns out to be fast. How about switching to the MTR in future?"

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