Yah-Leng on Arthur

When a client wants to take over the art direction from the creative director, Ms Yu admits that she is likely to show her unease outright.

But that is when Mr Chin steps in to smooth over a potential awkward moment. She says: "I'm not trying to offend the client, but I don't want the art direction to be lost ."

She says he is a good counter to her emotional ways: "Arthur is a very level-headed, logical and scientific person. He has a very calm demeanour which makes it easy for him to put things in perspective and resolve problems.

"He can break it down, analyse and come out with a solution - even in an explosive situation."

Even though Mr Chin might not have studied design, Ms Yu says he has a good eye for design. "He has good ideas, which is why I always consult him and brainstorm with him. He's travelled quite a bit and has been exposed to many cultures. He knows what's good and what's not."

He can break it down, Arthur on Yah-Leng analyse and come out with a solution – even in an explosive situation.

MSYAH-LENG YU on her husband Arthur Chin’s working style

They both are coy talking about their relationship outside of work, though they have come a long way from their re-connection at a Thanksgiving dinner in New York in 2000.

A mutual friend who was visiting her at that time told her that Mr Chin had just moved to New York. Though they were acquainted in university, Ms Yu struggled to recall who Mr Chin was.

Ms Yu says: "We were just acquaintances in university and didn't keep in touch or anything. So when my friend talked about it, I was like 'Who is this?'"

Fifteen years on, Ms Yu sums up her feelings about her husband: "He is my rock."

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