Root Awakening

White spots on curry leaf plant due to pests PHOTO: S.R. MARY
Avocado plant needs more sunlight to thrive PHOTO: FRANCIS CHEW

White spots on curry leaf plant due to pests

My curry leaf plant has white spots. What is wrong with it and what can I do to bring it back to health?

S.R. Mary

Your curry leaf plant is infested by a pest called citrus Hindu mite, which is very small and not visible to the naked eye. Also, note that this pest also infests citrus species, which belong to the same plant family (Rutaceae).

These mites suck sap and cause the rather uniform silver mottling on affected leaves, which will not recover even after treatment.

Prune heavily infested portions of the plant and perform routine spraying of environment-friendly pesticides, such as summer oil or neem oil.

These methods may help to provide some control of the pest population.

Avocado plant needs more sunlight to thrive

What is wrong with my avocado plant? Its leaves are drying up. Is this due to disease or other problems? How can I keep my plant healthy in Singapore's climate?

Francis Chew

The avocado plant can be adapted to grow under outdoor sunny conditions.

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It appears that your plant may not be receiving sufficient sunlight at the apartment balcony or corridor. The leaves look thin and floppy.

Under lower than optimal light conditions, leaves are prone to damage, making them susceptible to disease. You may want to prune the diseased leaves and try to elevate your plant so it can get more sunlight.

• Answers by Dr Wilson Wong, an NParks-certified practising horticulturist, parks manager and ISA-certified arborist. He is the founder of Green Culture Singapore and an adjunct assistant professor (Food Science & Technology) at the National University of Singapore.

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