Modern Luxury Living: 121 Collection on Whitley

121 Collection on Whitley is a collection of nine freehold landed homes on Whitley Road.
121 Collection on Whitley is a collection of nine freehold landed homes on Whitley Road.

Strong design aesthetics and an enviable address come together to create a stunning collection of nine spacious and beautiful landed homes – each one a precious gem on its own.

It is a prestigious location in an exclusive, residential neighbourhood. Right at your doorstep is all that the city has to offer – be it the glamour of Orchard Road shopping, dining and entertainment at Dempsey Hill or even the flora and fauna of the Botanic Gardens – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

This is none other than Whitley Road in prime District 11, where top private healthcare facilities like Novena and Thomson medical centres are also in your neck of the woods, as are many prestigious and reputable schools.

With major expressways in close proximity and the upcoming Mount Pleasant MRT giving you convenient access to every part of the island, this is a much-coveted location with every indulgence, recreation and amenity within easy reach.

And right here too, is an equally enviable assemblage of nine luxury freehold landed homes – the exquisite 121 Collection on Whitley. 

Where design speaks    

There is room for individualism in all things, a place for setting one apart from another, so each carries its own identity.

It is precisely this desire to create uniqueness that the 121 Collection’s bungalows and semi-detached houses are designed as individual homes. Each four-storey house – named after a precious gem – is a conversation piece, carrying with it distinctive characteristics, design, floor plan and external façade.

Yet, taken together, these homes all speak a similar design language. What pulls the collection together is an overall architecture that calls for strong, creative and impactful designs that raise the bar for landed living. 

On the ground floor of every house, barriers are boldly discarded so the sense of space is further enhanced. Dead walls are rejected in favour of frameless sliding glass panels that bring the great outdoors into the home, yet without removing the demarcation of interior and exterior. 

Here, borderless living is not just a reality, but also a breath of fresh air.

Forget cursory mini lap pools that are so prevalent in landed homes. At the 121 Collection, each home’s swimming pool is an extension of the living space, seamlessly designed so your eye is taken from the living room and across a floating glass deck to the edges of the shimmering pool itself. 

Naturally, there is no room for dark, dungeon-like basements either. In keeping with the 121 Collection’s inventive design, each basement is bathed in light – an amazing feat thanks to cleverly placed skylights, clear panels that look into the sparkling pool and an open garden terrace. These intelligent design solutions make for bright, lively and welcoming basement cocktail lounges, entertainment rooms and bedrooms.

Meanwhile, the entire house is enveloped by Mother Nature. Even as the panoramic glass walls bring garden living right into the home, the internal space is flooded with natural light, gently caressed by the wind, enlivened with gardens indoors and out, and framed by calming water. 

The core elements of the ecosystem are woven into the living space to create a sensorial experience that makes every 121 Collection home a true masterpiece of urban living.

Where luxury dwells

Given a house with such remarkable design aesthetics, one can only expect the most luxurious fittings alongside utmost attention paid to the finest details.

The master suite occupies no less than the entire second floor of the home. Incorporating a large grooming and dressing room as well as a study suite, the master of the house enjoys both the pampering luxury of space as well as the privacy of a sanctuary all on its own.

Going from floor to floor? You have a choice of either the stairs or the private lift – a facility that makes getting from the basement to the attic-level junior suite a cinch. This is in addition to the smart home automation system that makes everything an effortless convenience – from drawing the curtains or controlling the window trellises to turning on the lights or air-conditioning.

Throughout the house, high ceilings of some 3.7 metres testify to the exacting requirements of each home, along with finishing touches like top-of-the-range bathroom fittings and carefully curated high-end appliances in the fully-equipped kitchen.

Where dreams become reality

In an urban environment where real estate is a precious asset class, a freehold landed property represents the pinnacle of homeownership. 

What more when this property is sited in a prime location and comes with an innovative approach to design that makes it a part of, yet distinct from an exceptional collection of stylish homes? 

For most, a dream home remains just that – a dream.

But a home from the 121 Collection? Now that would be a dream come true.