Make your own vermi-compost


1. A container. You can use white styrofoam boxes found at wet markets and food centres. Use a chopstick to make holes in its sides and bottom.

2. Shredded newspaper and egg cartons. Cut them into small pieces and dampen with water.

3. Composting worms (pictured below). You can buy 500g of these for $125 from the Singapore Worm Composting Facebook page or get them free from Mr Faiz Zohri at the Singapore Really Really Free Market.

4. Flesh of sweet fruit such as papaya, pineapple, banana and rock melon. Cut them into small pieces.



1. Fill the box a third full with shredded newspaper and egg cartons and let it stay in this state for two weeks.

2. After two weeks, add the worms and let them feed on the newspaper and cartons.

3. After another two weeks, dig a small hole in the compost and add some fruit inside. Cover them up. Start with a small amount and then slowly increase the portions.

4. It takes about three months for the compost to be ready.

•Source: Kong Wah Beng

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