Get a good night's rest with some help

The Selje nightstand (left) from Ikea has a built-in wireless charging pad for smartphones.
The Selje nightstand from Ikea has a built-in wireless charging pad for smartphones.PHOTO: IKEA

DALLAS • You have been told that putting your cellphone away and turning off the television at least 30 minutes before going to bed is better for your sleep and productivity.

But many people are ignoring the recommendation. They are not just sleeping in their beds, but they are also working, eating, checking e-mail and watching television.

Companies have responded by creating innovative products for the bedroom that meet the need for comfort and convenience. Here are some top trends and new products.


For those who have trouble getting comfortable in bed, the Lineal Adjustable Base from Saatva operates like a first-class seat on a plane. It has a remote control that lets you move the head or foot of the bed, or both, to get into the most comfortable position for watching television, reading or sleeping. There is even a massage function that can target your head, feet or full body. The Lineal works with most flexible mattresses. It starts at US$1,199 (S$1,640).


The ultimate in smart pillows, the Zeeq (US$199.99) monitors and reacts to your snoring, analyses your sleep and plays music.

It can wake you up with a programmable alarm. If you snore loudly enough, the Zeeq vibrates, encouraging you to shift to a new position.

Bluetooth-enabled speakers are tucked within the pillow's interior foam so you can listen to music or audiobooks without headphones.


Ikea's Selje nightstand (US$59.99) has a built-in wireless charging pad to power your smartphone.

If your phone does not have wireless-charging capabilities, you need a wireless-charging phone case. Once you have one, just place your phone on the pad and charging begins.

Similarly, you can charge your smartphone wirelessly with Ikea's Riggad task lamp (US$69.99). It has a USB port, too, so you can charge a second device. The lamp's adjustable arm allows you to direct the light where you want it and the LED light source consumes up to 85 per cent less energy.


The Nightingale Sleep System (from US$149) was developed by acoustic experts to surround your bedroom with customised ambient sounds called "sound blankets".

Unlike single-unit sound machines, the Nightingale features two units that act like a pair of stereo speakers, filling your room more uniformly and masking disruptive noises. Choose from 15 sounds that you control through your smartphone, tablet, PC or voice assistant.

Each Nightingale pair provides sound coverage for one bedroom and, because the units just plug into outlets, the system is easy to take with you when you travel.

Have a hard time waking up?

Philips has a Wake-up Light (US$169.99) that is inspired by nature's sunrise. Light gradually increases over 30 minutes until your room is filled with bright yellow light.

This process of increasing light gradually stimulates your body to wake up naturally as opposed to abruptly waking up to a traditional sound alarm.


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