Explosion of creativity

At the Singapore Design Centre, an ongoing exhibition titled Singapore Souvenirs showcases 90 cheeky works by 16 designers. Richard Neo susses out some of the more interesting ones

Chi Ba Bom Light by Triggerhappy.
Chi Ba Bom Light by Triggerhappy.PHOTOS: MUSEUM LABEL

Chi Ba Bom Light by Triggerhappy, not available for sale

Inspired by children making up their own onomatopoeic words - in this case, chi ba bom is an explosion - this light resembles a cartoon speech bubble found in comics. It will be a talking point if you display it in your home.

Steamboat Vase by Museum Label, $228

This white vase that resembles a steamboat hotpot is suitable for displaying flowers and laying out fruit and is a surefire conversation starter.

Singapore Clock by Triggerhappy and Nick Chan, not available for sale

This is an alarm clock with a twist. Instead of the standard ear-shattering ring, you will be treated to Uniquely Singapore sounds such as the national anthem, a raucous yelling of yam seng and the familiar cry of the Asian koel bird with its signature morning call.

All these sounds are also synched to the usual time you would hear them in Singapore so, no matter where you travel to, you are reminded of home.

Leo Cycloid Tessella by Hans Tan, not available for sale

What appears to be a simple tile is supposed to be "actual" Merlion scales. You can line your walls with the scales of Singapore's favourite mythological sea creature.

Bird Mobile by Triggerhappy, not available for sale

Instead of planets or toys, this mobile made from fancy paper features six local birds, including the Javan mynah, common rock pigeon and black naped oriole.

They are life-sized, so now your children can learn about ornithology before they go to sleep.

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