Design News: King Living's new outdoor furniture line, sculpted tea sets from Shang Xia, and more

King Living's Zaza range of outdoor furniture integrates an additional water-resistant layer similar to high quality mountaineering apparel.
King Living's Zaza range of outdoor furniture integrates an additional water-resistant layer similar to high quality mountaineering apparel.PHOTO: KING LIVING

King Living launches new outdoor furniture collection

Furniture for the outdoors tends to look rustic, hardy and quite weather-beaten after prolonged exposure to the elements.

But award-winning Australian furniture brand King Living's recently released range of outdoor furniture aims to change that. It is inspired by some of its best indoor looks, featuring elements such as softer edges, plush materials and pleasing hues.

Unlike run-of-the-mill outdoor furniture, King Living's pieces integrate an additional water-resistant layer similar to high quality mountaineering apparel. The fibres used are saturated with stable pigments which have been tested for exposure to ultra-violet light.

Also, the outdoor cushions are designed to remain internally dry while remaining soft and breathable.

The outdoor pieces are also fortified with King Living's engineered steel frames, which are part of the brand's Postureflex system for flexibility and long-term use.

The range includes King Living's Delta, Zaza and Jasper lines, alongside new pieces such as King Cove sun loungers and Quay sofas and armchairs.

A Zaza outdoor two-seater retails from $2,650, while a Jasper L-shaped lounger for the

outdoors (with storage) starts at $6,390.

Info: King Living has a showroom at Level 1 Hong Aik Building, 22 Kallang Avenue. Go to this website.

Sculpted tea sets from Shang Xia

Tea Aroma Gift Set with Teacup and Saucer. PHOTO: TRIBAL WORLDWIDE

Luxury brand Shang Xia celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with two tea gift boxes featuring delicate paper sculpture in a pop-up diorama.

The label, founded by Chinese designer Jiang Qiong Er and backed by French luxury brand Hermes, is reputed for its home decor items and fashion accessories, which fuse traditional craftsmanship and contemporary lines.

"We picked a communal setting for the diorama because the season is really about celebrating harmony and unity," says Jiang. "The scene, made out of paper and intricately cut, features Shang Xia's Da Tian Di furniture and home objects and is meant to recreate an Oriental tea atmosphere."

The patterns on the tea canisters draw from Shang Xia's printed scarves, which are inspired by a Qing Dynasty painting showing the production of tea.

The $158 gift set comes with a pair of white glazed porcelain teacups and a tea canister; while the $228 set has a teacup and saucer made of white glazed porcelain and adorned with a Chinese luck knot design, and two tea canisters.

The brand, which has retail stores in cities such as Beijing and Paris, launched here last year as a pop-up. A permanent store will open on level 2 of Takashimaya Department Store on Oct 2.

Info: To buy, call 8869-6970 or go to this website. Use the promo code "SHANGXIA10" by Sept 12 for 10 per cent off the tea sets.

Stave off aches with portable ergonomic work mate

Rizr was designed to address ergonomics at work but also to fit into different definitions of work. PHOTO: MANA

Singapore start-up MaNa has invented an all-in-one portable standing desk and laptop case for digital nomads and those working from home, who complain of aches and pains after long hours at their computers.

The Rizr, with adjustable height settings, is said to be also suitable for those who want to stand to work.

Founders Mandara Nagaraj, 29, and Siddartha Butalia, 35, spoke to a chiropractor last year about spinal misalignments and injury due to bad posture while working.

"After further research, we found that a comfortable screen height was critical to a healthy working posture, while also alleviating neck and shoulder stress," says Ms Nagaraj, a design communication graduate.

Mr Butalia, the chief design officer, is an industrial designer and mechanical engineer who has worked in industries such as medical devices and food packaging.

Info: Rizr will be launched through a Kickstarter campaign before it hits stores here. It is expected to retail at $279 and available for early-bird orders from Sept 22 to Oct 18 at up to 65 per cent off at this website.

Mask designed for Sikhs

The mask has four layers of protection and an optional pocket to insert a filter. PHOT0: NIRMAN SINGH

When business development professional Nirman Singh, 46, realised that regular masks do not fit when he has his turban on, he and his wife, Ms Surinder Kaur, 44, designed one that is said to be compatible with different turban sizes and styles.

The mask has four layers of protection and an optional pocket to insert a filter, and does not cause fogging of the glasses.

The couple spent a week sketching, cutting and sewing prototypes that would be comfortable and presentable. They started selling the masks in May, during the circuit breaker.

Info: Prices for the SikhMask start at $9 and it is available in three sizes - small, medium and large. The design with a pocket for a filter costs from $14. To order, WhatsApp 8112-6224.