Arthur on Yah-Leng

Their job scopes at Foreign Policy Design Group often intertwine, but when this couple disagree on a project's creative direction, Mr Chin is more than willing to let his wife call the shots.

Mr Chin, who will put his points forth too, explains: "It's always clear that when we disagree, even after we've discussed it, Yah-Leng's position will be taken.

"There's only one cook in the kitchen... only one direction. That clarity is important for the team. We settle it quickly and easily. There's no hidden agenda for each of us. We do it for the good of the studio."

In a way, their partnership thrives because they are complete opposites, says Mr Chin.

"She's completely intuitive and I am completely analytical. She's completely digital and I'm completely analog. So, in many ways, we complement each other."

She’s completely digital and I’m completely analog.

MR ARTHUR CHIN on how he and his wife Yah-LengYu are opposites

Mr Chin, who says he does not see himself as an artistic person, waxes lyrical about his partner's eye for design. "She feels trends and can see and draw connections easily. It's obvious she's born creative. I rely on her intuition on many things to verify my judgment. So that keeps things on a balanced perspective. "

Their yin-yang personalities even extend to their possessions. Mr Chin says that his wife is an "organised hoarder" as opposed to his way of organising - which is to discard things. This means they have clean, neat desks at work. All staff have to adhere to a Clean Desk Top Policy: At the end of the day, all desktops must be cleared and cleaned for the next day's work, leaving only the iMac and a mouse.

He says: "Yah-Leng is definitely the OCD-type. She has a specific way of how things should be placed. Generally, I leave it to her. I am her handyman on-demand."

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