... and enjoy spruced-up restrooms

Japan's Narita Airport will have renovated restrooms for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Japan's Narita Airport will have renovated restrooms for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.PHOTO: JAPAN NEWS- YOMIURI

CHIBA (Japan) • At any airport, the restrooms are among the most heavily used amenities and a reputation of a country can, well, be flushed down the toilet if the service is not up to par.

Japan does not want to slip up on that score.

Restrooms with sophisticated interior designs and functionality have been introduced in Narita Airport.

These facilities for both men and women provide users with enough space to store their suitcases in each stall and a wider space for doing make-up.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics upcoming, Narita International Airport Corp, operator of the airport, plans to introduce electronic warm-water bidet toilets with heated seats in 147 restrooms.

They will also include flashing lights for emergencies and voice guidance devices.

The airport plans to renovate 11 especially busy restrooms.


Two of the spiffier ones opened in Terminal 2 on Aug 9, in the international arrival lobby and the duty-free and shopping area in the departure lobby.

The renovation of the restrooms in Terminal 2 is expected to be completed by September next year while work in the Terminal 1 and 3 buildings is to be finished by March 2020.


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