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At one point in his career, Mr Nick Jonsson found himself lonely, isolated from people and unable to confide in anyone about his stress, and now he wants to share his experience with his book that delves into the world of top executive loneliness.
Moss Rose grows best in full sun.
The coffered ceiling illustrates the loftiness of the room, while the armchairs are perfect for a tete a tete.
Dining lounge at Emerald Hill in clear view of the grand staircase. The interior and accents reflect the neighbourhood's distinctive Peranakan history.
The home owners opted for a green study wall because they love plants and greenery. Corrugated galvanised iron sheets create striking backdrops in the kitchen (above) and living room, while an armchair made from aeroplane fuselage complements the industri
Palm may be affected by a fungal disease.