Have some class at classical concert

On Dec 12, I attended the Singapore Symphony Orchestra Christmas concert. Conducted by Jason Lai, it was an excellent concert. However, the behaviour of some of the audience members was less so.

I was seated in the stalls, where a number of people were taking photographs and videos during the show. This was despite a pre-show reminder to refrain from doing so. Ushers had to repeatedly tell them to put their gadgets away.

It was also disappointing to see so many people arriving late. Many latecomers had seats in the centre and had to cross over others to get there.

We make an effort to be punctual for examinations and interviews. We should also strive to be on time for performances to show respect for fellow audiences and the artists.

I want to congratulate the SSO for putting on a good show and the team of ushers at the Victoria Concert Hall who did a fabulous job.

In this festive season, let us remember that a little respect for each other goes a long way.

Joan Tan

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