Have martial arts festival to showcase Singapore talent

Thank you for the interesting article about Mr Peter Chong in Singapore's first gongfu flick, Ring Of Fury (Total Knockout, Life, Aug 25).

It included the little-known fact that we have a karate master who trained under the personal tutelage of legendary Kyokushin Karate founder Sosai Masutatsu Oyama - once dubbed by The New York Times as the toughest man in the world.

In addition to Mr Chong, there is Taekwondo's Hall-of-Fame inductee Milan Kwee; the late Mr Ang Teck Bee, father of swimming great Ang Peng Siong, who was a 6th dan judoka, Singapore Olympian in judo and pioneer of the martial art in Singapore; world champions such as silat's Sheik Alauddin and wushu's Vincent Ng; and SingaFist, Singapore's very own martial art.

These examples tell of Singapore's achievements and rich heritage in martial arts.

As part of SG53 celebrations next year, it could be fitting to have Singapore's first martial arts festival to showcase the various martial arts practised in Singapore.

This would also be a fitting tribute to cosmopolitan and multiethnic Singapore as represented by these different martial arts and the unique culture each represents.

Woon Wee Min

Room for five kids to grow

I agree with Clara Chow's column on the importance of having time away from our children (Time Away From Kids Is The White Space In A Work Of Art, Life, Aug 27).

I have five kids, aged seven to 20, two dogs and I work full-time. I would have gone berserk if I subscribed to the philosophy of spending "quality time" with them.

I learnt not to sweat the small stuff. Kids appreciate the space they are given to mature and be their own person.

Khoo Wee Lin


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