Hassle-free CNY shopping for the whole family

Prepare for the festivities by shopping for essentials for every family member on Amazon

Is your home ready for Chinese New Year? PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Chinese New Year is always exciting. Locals and visitors alike get to soak in the fun celebrations - from festive parades to colourful fireworks displays to upbeat lion dances. But the real revelry takes place at home.

Whether you will be hosting the reunion dinner or busy visiting relatives and friends, you and your family are most likely already busy with spring cleaning and putting up red-and-gold decor at home. There's plenty to buy - decor, cooking utensils, groceries, gifts and snacks - and with Amazon, shopping has been made easier and more convenient.

With Amazon offering millions of products at great prices, including CNY deals and seasonal essentials, you and your whole family can get ready for the season without having to leave the house to do your shopping. And if you're a Prime member, you'll get free domestic one-day delivery on, two-hour delivery on Prime Now, and free international delivery - for a limited time - with no minimum spend on Amazon Global Store.

In every gathering, you will encounter different types of family members - from the serious gamers to the ones who can't stop munching on snacks. Keep everyone entertained with this list of CNY must-haves that are available on and Prime Now:

For Hotpot Families

Make the eve of Chinese New Year even more fun by gathering over a heartwarming hotpot dinner.

Preparing for the much-awaited hotpot dinner is more fun when everyone is on board. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Don't worry if it's your turn to host the reunion dinner this year. Just stock up on ingredients and make sure you have the right appliances for a smooth reunion. Have the entire family prepare dinner together for a fun time.

Must-haves for Hotpot Families

  • Some goodies to add to the pot:

  • CP Shrimp Wonton Box (Available on Amazon Prime Now)
  • Kee Song Chicken Fillet (Available on Amazon Prime Now)
  • Tiong Lian Meat Affair Spanish Iberico Pork Belly Sukiyaki (Available on Amazon Prime Now)

For Lucky Gamers

A CNY gathering is incomplete without games to entertain both adults and kids. From the marathon sessions for mahjong, to rounds of popular card games like blackjack, in-between, and poker - there's always something to get your friends and family all excited.

Keep players feeling lucky by placing items that bring fortune, such as a hanging pineapple decoration or Maneki-neko the fortune cat. Otherwise, serve moreish snacks to keep them glued to their seats during the game.

Must-haves for Lucky Gamers

Send good fortune to your guests as they play games this Chinese New Year. PHOTO: AMAZON

For CNY Givers

Nothing beats giving joy to your loved ones for the occasion. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Make sure you're bearing the right gifts when you go visiting, especially if you're looking to impress your in-laws. From prosperous mandarin oranges to sparkly hongbao, there's something for everyone, from your grandparents down to your nieces and nephews.

Must-haves for CNY Givers

For The Kids

The presence of children can light up any family gathering. And if there's enough entertainment to keep adults busy, kids - and the young at heart - should also have their own slate of activities to do for the day.

Whether you're hosting a party or attending one, you can bring in a board game or two for the kids to play. Toys and video games are good tools to get them excited too.

Must-haves for The Kids

Make sure children get their dose of entertainment in CNY parties. PHOTO: AMAZON

For The Ones Who Prefer To Be Alone

Amuse your guests who don't want to mingle with a book or two. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Socialising is not everyone's cup of tea - some prefer to do their own things and minimise mingling to only during mealtimes. You can give these individuals books and snacks that can keep them occupied at gatherings.

Must-haves for The Ones Who Prefer to be Alone

No matter how you intend to spend the occasion, reuniting with your loved ones over food and gifts is one of the best ways to usher in Chinese New Year for an auspicious year ahead. Make it a memorable celebration with Amazon, which has something to offer to every member of the family for the occasion - with preparations made easier with its curated selection of must-haves at its Chinese New Year store.

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