Harassment scandals hang over Sunday's Golden Globes


LOS ANGELES (REUTERS) - The red carpet is rolling out, the signage is going up… and that uneasy feeling is setting in.

With the cloud of sexual harassment hanging over Hollywood's annual season of self-congratulating, the Golden Globes ceremony on Sunday marks the first test of how the industry will handle the ongoing scandals.

All eyes will be on first-time host Seth Meyers - and how the 'Late Night' comedian navigates the traditionally boozy affair and this year's elephant in the room.

'We talk about difficult things on our show a lot so we have some practice. We have a good group of writers - when we're talking about difficult things everybody voices their opinions and that's been very useful to have that conversation backstage before you go on stage and have in front of an audience. So, you know, fingers crossed we meet the right tone but that's certainly our goal," Meyers said.

Many women are planning to wear black on the red carpet to signal support for sexual harassment victims.

The Golden Globes air live Sunday night.