Gotcha! Some April Fool's Day pranks of 2016

JetStar Asia staff communicating with customers in Singlish. PHOTO: SCREENSHOT FROM JETSTAR ASIA VIDEO

Perhaps more than any other time during the year, April Fool's Day is a reminder to never let your guard down and be extremely skeptical of any message or link you come across.

Still, that hasn't stopped companies and brands across the world from having fun at the expense of a gullible few or so.

Here are some of the interesting April Fool's Day pranks of 2016.

1. Lick before you order

The app, produced by Chope, allows you to taste a dish at your favourite dining spot even before you order or pay for it.

Simply pull up a photo of whatever food item you are interested in and give it a lick through your phone screen. Happy? Then go ahead and place an order. Remember to wipe your screen.

Restaurant reservation site Open Table also unveiled a similar app.

2. Suicide Squad in Singapore

Warner Singapore is flying in the main cast of its upcoming Suicide Squad movie for a glitzy movie premiere, Geek Culture reports.

Newly-minted Batman Ben Affleck might also stop by to join Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto on the red carpet. Robbie and Leto will also make a special appearance at the National Day Parade on Aug 9.

3. Nissan, Nissen, Nissin

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A flying object jointly created by car giant Nissan and instant noodles manufacturer Nissin made an "unexpected landing" at the Japanese headquarters of commerce firm Nissen Group.

Honestly, can you blame its navigational system for getting the names mixed up?

4. Koala sausage, anyone?

Online grocery retailer honestbee is selling exotic meats such as koala sausage, tiger's tail and komodo dragon eggs on its website and social media pages. Users were told that they would receive their orders on April 1.

The meats were apparently procured from Explorer Joe Exotic Meats, which has its own website, with a company address and customer reviews.

5. Reply e-mails with emoji

Inbox by Gmail has started giving emoji suggestions instead of text replies. Why?

Apparently, "emoji do a better job of plumbing the emotional depths of one's soul, so we're optimistic that today's update will encourage more open and honest e-mail conversations".

6. Gmail mic drop

Gmail is making it easier to have the last word on any e-mail with Mic Drop. Simply reply to any e-mail using the new 'Send + Mic Drop' button.

Everyone will get your message, but that's the last you'll ever hear about it. Even if folks try to respond, you won't see it.

7. "V-LCRO" car seats

Good news for drivers often stuck in long commutes: luxury carmaker Lexus is introducing "V-LCRO" seats.

It seems drivers must wear a special suit to sit in them: "While all performance cars use seat bolsters to hold a driver in place during aggressive maneuvering, we're taking it a step further. In this case, the technology we're employing is actually over 75 years old."

8. Selfie car-matching

American car-sharing company ZipCar is using "proprietary selfie-analysing technology" to match customers' selfies with their rental cars.

Tinted windows, for instance, may be in order if one isn't having the best hair day.

9. State of Elizabeth?

A group of Australian MPs have forged a secret plan to rename the state of Victoria in a tribute to the Queen's 90th birthday this year.

One of the main problems was said to be opposition from the people of Elizabeth in Adelaide.

10. Kids Class cabin

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To the delight of parents the world over, airline Virgin Australia has unveiled its "Kids Class" - a cabin just for children.

There would be hopscotch down the aisle and seats designed to be kicked from behind. No mention if the cabin is soundproof.

11. El Clasico in cricket

Yes, Spanish football giants Barcelona and Real Madrid have decided to play with a smaller ball.

Attracted by huge global audiences for cricket, club bosses at two of Europe's most famous football clubs are planning to launch professional cricket teams "in the near future", claims Spanish newspaper AS.

12. Google's flicking keyboard

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Meet Google Japan's Furikku, a physical keyboard you flick. Think of it as the hardware version of the Japanese input software for Android.

And of course, the circuit board and firmware are open source.

13. JetStar lah

Singapore-based airline JetStar Asia has adopted Singlish as its official language. Cabin and flight crew will also speak Singlish so passengers can truly feel at home on flights.

On its new Singlish homepage, Jetstar is offering services such as a "never bluff" self-service bag drop and "travel in shiokness" extra legroom seats.

14. Unknown Singaporean marathoner qualifies for Olympics

Cue the inspirational Olympic music. Singaporean medical student John Foo is on his way to Rio 2016, reports lifestyle blog

The 26-year-old had competed in the Airplays Flood Marathon in Floodsville, United States, breaking the Singapore record with a timing of 2 hours, 17 minutes and 56 seconds. Unfortunately, he's a little camera-shy so no photos of him exist.

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