Good docs or good genes: Did these 10 celebrities go for plastic surgery?

Renee Zellweger in 2006 (left) and in 2014 (right). -- PHOTO: AFP
Renee Zellweger in 2006 (left) and in 2014 (right). -- PHOTO: AFP

This article was first published on Nov 3, 2014

SINGAPORE - As talk of plastic surgery swirls around Renee Zellweger's new look, SundayLife! asks three plastic surgeons - Dr Lee Shu Jin from Plastic Surgery by S J Lee, Dr Leo Kah Woon from Dr Leo Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Dr Marco Faria Correa from Dr Marco Faria Correa Plastic Surgery - if these 10 celebrities have had any help from doctors or are just blessed with good genes:


Actress Li Bingbing, 41


Dr Lee: This is a downgrade from her previous features. Her face is now swollen all over - her forehead, temples, cheeks and chin. In the past, she had a beautiful face which was sort of flat, so attention focused on her eyes and lips. Now, with a overall puffy face, her eyes seem smaller and her lips don't stand out.

Dr Leo: Her lower face looks slimmer and more V-shaped. She may have had Botox injections to the sides of her face to relax the muscles there and filler injections to her chin. Who knows? She may even have had a chin implant.

Dr Marco: Her eyebrows have definitely changed in shape and position. The insides are now pointing downwards and the outsides are pointing up. She may have had some Botox at the centre of the forehead and at the outer corners of the eyes. Or she may have had a facelift, causing these changes to her eyebrows.


Actor-singer Aaron Kwok, 49


Dr Lee: There may have been some fillers done, but the only evidence of this is his cleft chin. It is likely created with fillers, but is nicely done. His skin colour and texture have also improved, suggesting he had some non-invasive work such as skin peels, light or laser treatments.

Dr Leo: His double eyelids look unnatural now - the curve of the eyelid is not smooth. He may have had surgery to correct drooping upper eyelids. He also seems to have had a very good Botox job because there are no lines on his upper forehead, only on his lower forehead. Practitioners know not to inject Botox in the lower forehead, because it can cause the brow to droop.

Dr Marco: It looks like he did fillers around the temples and Botox in the outer corners of the eyes, because he doesn't have any crow's feet. He wears a lot of make-up, which makes him look fake and unnatural.


Actor Shah Rukh Khan, 48


Dr Lee: His cheeks and chin now protrude out a lot more, suggesting he had fillers in those areas. The arches of his eyebrows have also increased, suggesting he may have had Botox there.

Dr Leo: The arch of his eyebrows has shifted inwards, suggesting he had a brow lift. Double eyelids tend to become less prominent with age, but his double eyelids are just as pronounced as before, suggesting he had surgery there.

Dr Marco: His smile lines are very flat, suggesting that he had fillers done in those areas. His cheek also does not seem to lift very much when he smiles. He looks like he might have had some work done even in the old photo, because the inside of his eyebrows is pointing very much downwards, which sometimes happens when Botox is injected into the forehead.


Actor Lee Byung Hun, 44


Dr Lee: His face looks fuller in the chin and cheeks than before. This suggests fillers into those areas. His work is very beautifully and carefully done. In fact, he looks a bit too polished for a guy, so much so that he resembles a wax figure.

Dr Leo: At his age, it's impossible for him to smile and not have crow's feet at all. He may have had some Botox around his eyes.
But other than that, I think he has aged well.

Dr Marco: When people age, their cheeks should deflate slightly, but his look like they are frozen in time and are even fuller than before. His chin also looks stronger now, suggesting the use of fillers. But overall, the work, whatever it was, is nicely done and he looks much younger than his real age.


Actor-singer Julian Cheung, 43


Dr Lee: The areas around his temples and the middle of his face look fuller. Instead of looking flat, these areas now look round-ish. Fillers may have been used in these areas.

Dr Leo: The inside corners of his eyes look more pointed, which could be because he had surgery done to make his eyes look longer. Notice how he is smiling but there are no lines at all on his forehead? He might have had Botox there.

Dr Marco: He could have had a nose job, as his nose looks longer and sharper now. The bridge also looks higher and is now directly between his eyes. Most men's faces become more squarish as they age, but his has become more heart-shaped, which is very suspicious and could suggest work was done on his jaw or fillers or Botox was used.


Actress Demi Moore, 51


Dr Lee: She seems to have had a bit of everything - fillers, Botox, laser and light treatment. She started off with a flat and broad face but now her mid-cheeks and under eye areas are puffy. Notice how her face looks "frozen" and expressionless? It could be a sign of Botox, which relaxes the muscles under the skin. The forehead is also suspiciously smooth for someone who is 51.

Dr Leo: Her mid-cheeks look so full, there's even a line under the area. This unusual bulge suggests that she had a mid-cheek lift or fat injections in that area. Her forehead is completely smooth and wrinkle-free, which is quite unbelievable for her age. It may have been Botoxed.

Dr Marco: She looks like she had a facelift because the shape of her eyebrows has changed. In the past, they were flat and parallel to her eyes. But now, they are slanting inwards, as if she is constantly surprised. She looks very youthful and is glowing, but there's something very different about her look now.


Actress-singer Vivian Chow, 46


Dr Lee: This is the way to have work done on your face. Her smile line - from the side of her nose to the corner of her mouth - is less obvious in the new photo, suggesting a filler was used. The overall volume of her face has decreased, which usually happens when you age. She looks "real" because she hasn't completely re-inflated her face. Instead, she seems to have compensated for facial laxity with laser or light treatments.

Dr Leo: Perhaps she has had regular laser and non-invasive therapy. Other than that, no noticeable work has been done. Her skin looks tight, but this might be due to good diet, genetics and lifestyle.

Dr Marco: She definitely has had skin treatment because her skin looks radiant. But there are signs of ageing, such as slight drooping of tissue and smile lines. She hasn't done anything to her teeth, which look yellowish.


Actress Lee Young Ae, 43


Dr Lee: Her features have deteriorated. She has lost fat in the jawline, cheeks and chin. In fact, the tissues have started to droop.

Dr Leo: There are vertical lines on both sides of her face, suggesting that there is sagging of the mid-cheek, which is normal as we age. I can't see that she has had any work done.

Dr Marco: She obviously hasn't done anything because her eyebrows, cheeks and jawline seem to be drooping and deflated. In fact, she could benefit from a light facelift to look more youthful.


Actress Julia Roberts, 46


Dr Lee: She seems to have undergone fillers to her upper lip. It used to make up 40 per cent of her lips, but now seems to have increased to half. It cannot be that your lips grow bigger with age, so something must have been done. Her eyes also look bigger now, suggesting she had something done there. Her face used to be long and narrow but now seems fuller without obvious weight gain, suggesting fillers to this region. But overall, she is well-maintained.

Dr Leo: She seems to have aged gracefully and still looks like a "Pretty Woman" for her age. The lines on her face are the same as before. Her brows have dropped but this is a natural phenomenon of ageing.

Dr Marco: It's a very natural face, with expression lines under her eyes and visible ageing of the skin. The brows are slightly lowered than before, but this is normal as we age.


Actor Tom Cruise, 52


Dr Leo: His face looks puffier, not like the chiselled look before. He could have put on some weight or had some fillers or fat injected into his mid-cheeks.

Dr Lee: There is evidence of good skincare, but his skin seems to have deteriorated with age and he has new lines around the eyes. It's hard to tell from these two photos because he has different expressions.

Dr Marco: He is a bit fatter now, has deep smile lines and natural wrinkles. He may be using skincare creams and taking good care of his skin, and I don't think he has had anything done.

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