Getting the court to tackle noise problem

I am in the midst of tackling persistently noisy neighbours and plan to do what your story (Shhh... Or Get Taped, Life, Aug 16) suggested. I am prepared to apply for a court injunction against the noisy family.

To unreasonable people, mediation is ineffectual.

Moreover, it is my opinion that the authorities in Singapore do not take a serious view of noise.  Let me cite two examples in contrast: One, in Australia, an authority regulates residential noise ( Two, local councils in the United Kingdom provide equipment to those submitting complaints to gather noise evidence (

K.T. Chia


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Noise is a perception of unwanted sound. I have learnt to accept the noises around me. I love the noises created by the children next door - it makes the atmosphere joyful.

I cannot change everyone, so I have decided to change myself to accept the noise that I don't like.

I have learnt to merge with the environment rather than resist what the environment presents me with. Living in HDB flats means there are going to be neighbours and there will be noise.

Damodaran Subbarayan

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