Get high end purchases at low prices with discount codes

The Picodi Singapore website, with a wide selection of online discount codes, deals and coupons.
The Picodi Singapore website, with a wide selection of online discount codes, deals and coupons.SCREENGRAB: PICODI
The Picodi Singapore website, with various categories like fashion.
The Picodi Singapore website, with various categories like fashion.SCREENGRAB: PICODI
On the Picodi Singapore website, get Zalora discount codes for example.
On the Picodi Singapore website, get Zalora discount codes for example. SCREENGRAB: PICODI
On the Picodi Singapore website, you can find discount codes for home and decor too, for HipVan.
On the Picodi Singapore website, you can find discount codes for home and decor too, for HipVan.SCREENGRAB: PICODI

Luxury brands have always been perceived as unreachable for the common person. The quality is exceptional, the material used for manufacturing is durable and the finishing shows extreme attention to detail.

You too can now enter the world of high-end brands and be able to afford such clothing, accessories, and footwear, like how how millions of people around the world purchase luxury products for less, every day.

Discount codes and promotions have been around for some time now and one of its versions – cutting out coupons from newspapers - is the oldest.

However, with modern technology and less time on our part, shops and brands are now finding their way onto the Internet and our mobile phones. All so that we would feel appreciated and encouraged to shop at their outlets.


Picodi is like a global market square for coupons, only that you don’t need to pay a cent to use it.

As one of the largest discount code platforms in the world currently, it allows people all over the globe to shop for everyday essentials and once-in-a-while products while saving up to 90%.

It’s sensible to assume there’s a catch, but there isn’t as the secret is this. Brands can’t afford to have unsold stock, just like hotels can't have empty beds and airlines can’t operate on empty seats – it’s as simple as that.

And with luxury brands, you can save up to thousands of dollars on any one purchase.

Take Reebonz as an example. An online luxury retailer selling brands such as Chanel, Prada and many more.

Until recently, only those with big wallets could afford to shop there, but now, thanks to Reebonz's business model - anyone can.

Add to this, an exclusive promo code for Picodi users and you get 7% off your purchase, which comes up to $130 off a Chloé handbag, $90 off a Balenciaga clutch or $56 off a Hermès bracelet. And these are just a few examples.

With further discounts you might get on top of these - plus free shipping - you’ve got yourself a completely new wardrobe for much less.

Those who don’t necessarily feel the need to wear high-fashion designer labels but love fashion in general, have probably come across Zalora – Asia’s favourite online clothing store.

High street brands combine better affordability with quality for everyday wear. It’s no surprise that providing shoppers with exclusive 15% off promo codes is what Picodi does best.

To make shopping even more enjoyable, many of the codes available on the platform can be combined, which makes it an opportunity for anyone who is conscious of their spending but still wants to look stylish. In the land of shopping sprees, savvy is the new black.

Picodi is not just about fashion.

For home decor lovers who like to establish their personal style through little details and extravagant furniture pieces, HipVan has also provided its customers with an exclusive code for 15% off storewide purchases. From now on, having an elegant and stylish home will not require a small fortune.

The platform is available 24/7, 365 days a year. There are valid coupons at all times – in fact you will never find an old promotion that doesn’t work.


When you subscribe for free, your mailbox will receive the latest offers from your favourite stores whenever they appear. Staying up to date will ensure you get the most out of your shopping sessions.

Understandably, the whole process of using codes for shopping may seem complicated at first.

Having done this for the first time, a statistical shopper sees that with so little effort, the entire shopping experience is a lot more satisfying. All that needs to be done is to click on the code and copy it.

Then, at the store’s checkout, that very code should be pasted into the correct window and the promotion (a discount, free shipping or a free gift) will be applied.

With constant growth, Picodi has introduced a marketplace where all promotions from various stores can be found in one place.

It’s aimed at all users, but those who simply don’t have time to look for products store by store, should appreciate it the most.

Looking for a perfect cocktail dress or a pair of office trousers is now easier than ever, by clicking on an offer found in the Picodi Sale section.

Picodi doesn’t sell the items but rather redirects the consumer to the right place. In effect, it gives them plenty of room to shop for accessories and other products in a convenient and innovative way.  

With this new feature, the platform comes to the forefront of the global coupon code market.

These days, Internet connection is all you need to be more responsible with your money.

With the current economic situation that’s steady enough to let yourself have a little fun, but too unpredictable to drain your bank account on designer clothes, Picodi is the smarter solution.