Gen Y needs right values

Luxury cars shown in the music video Lingo Lingo do not resonate with Singapore's Gen Y, says a reader.
Luxury cars shown in the music video Lingo Lingo do not resonate with Singapore's Gen Y, says a reader.PHOTO: JTEAM PRODUCTION

In What Makes Gen Y Tick (Life, Aug 30), young technopreneurs are exalted for their versatility in navigating new media and harnessing it for a living.

These Internet natives deserve our admiration for their achievements. However, I call on them to exhibit the right moral values as they wield an immeasurable influence over the subsequent generations.

It is true that artists such as Shigga Shay and Tan JianHao have made it by becoming prominent musicians and YouTubers. Yet, my questions as a Gen Y member - I am 17 and in junior college - are: What are the values that they wish to preach? What image of my generation do they depict in their rhymes and speech?

In a recent music video Lingo Lingo by singer Bunz and rapper Tosh Zhang, a private jet and numerous luxury cars are exhibited. In the lyrics, one of the artists says: "I love my Singlish just like my Ferrari."

Such ostentatious acts are not typical of my generation. Neither is Tan's display of his wealth as he presents his branded shoes and bags, exceeding $1,000 each.


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I entreat individuals with such influence to present social values such as practicality, frugality, kindness, respect and selflessness, rather than self-indulgence.

Peck Ern Chuen, Benjamin

Shy? It's okay

Reading Tee Hun Ching's column What's Wrong With Keeping To Myself? (Life, Aug 30), I thought, "She might as well be writing about me".

I would like to share two quotations. From psychoanalyst Marti Olsen Laney: "The introvert is pressured daily, almost from the moment of awakening, to respond to conform to the outer world." How true.

From an unknown author: "Don't underestimate me because I'm quiet. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and observe more than you know." How flattering.

Actually we may not be as bad as someone who is so shy that he has to cover his goldfish tank with a towel every time he changes his clothes.

Ee Teck Ee

I do love people and being with them, but I find socialising "immensely sapping", as Ms Tee described. I feel most comfortable in smaller groups where the exchanges are more intimate and sincere.

Jane Tan

Kudos for restoring Merc

I refer to Restoring A Rustbucket (Life, Aug 19). It is amazing that TV host Steven Chia can still restore a 44-year-old car though I am sure he can easily afford a new Mercedes. My perception of him has changed for the better.

E.A. Lestari

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