From heartwarming to cheeky: 7 Chinese New Year videos that have gone viral

BoBo Fish Ball released a Chinese New Year video showing two aunties gossiping about a father of three children, while a video about the evils of sugar in New Year goodies was put up on the Facebook page.
BoBo Fish Ball released a Chinese New Year video showing two aunties gossiping about a father of three children, while a video about the evils of sugar in New Year goodies was put up on the Facebook page.PHOTOS: SCREENGRABS FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO, YOUTUBE

SINGAPORE - If you are out visiting this Chinese New Year and would like a break from steamboat feasting and fending off relatives' questions, check out some videos that have gone viral this festive season.

The list includes a surprisingly moving fishball commercial, a tongue-in-cheek take on oranges and two gongfu-themed clips.

From heartwarming to cheeky, here are seven Chinese New Year videos to watch.

1. Heartwarming fishball commerical

"How did I get teary eyes from watching a fishball commerical," wrote Facebook commenter Prasith Chiv after watching a video about a single dad during Chinese New Year.

The video, posted on fish product company BoBo Fish Ball's Facebook page on Jan 3, shows two aunties gossiping about a father of three small children and how his wife left him.

Clips of him caring for his children are overlaid with the women's speculation about what a bad father he must be.

The 1min 31sec clip, by video production and food entertainment site, has more than 1.1 million views as of Friday (Jan 27).

It ends with the children negating the women's talk by lovingly taking food for their dad's bowl.

2. Cheeky take on CNY scenarios

The longest clip on this list, a video called Things That Happen During Chinese New Year, was posted on YouTube by Singapore internet channel Happy-TV on Jan 17.

The 4min 4sec clip shows short segments from different CNY scenarios, beginning with a couple forgetting to carry oranges while visiting relatives. They then "borrow" the fruits from a neighbour's praying altar.

The video takes a tongue-in-cheek look at familiar situations such as visiting relatives and gambling away one's red packet haul.

3. Malaysian 'Cooking Hustle'

In a video titled Cooking Hustle, shared on YouTube on Jan 17 by Malaysia's electricity company Tenaga Nasional Berhad, a man is shown giving his three daughters-in-law a cooking test to prove their worth to his daunting wife.

The video, which has been viewed more than 2.4 million times, also employs traditional gongfu tropes and fighting moves.

The daughter-in-law who appears to be the youngest is shown struggling with her dish, before calling for steamed chicken delivery.

In the end, none of the dishes make the cut - until they are merged together, highlighting the importance of unity.

4 . Malaysia Airlines' Malays speaking Mandarin clip


Malaysia Airlines' video of Malays talking about Chinese New Year in Mandarin and various dialects resonated with viewers.

Its 1min 41 sec clip, uploaded to its Facebook page on Jan 25, has snagged almost a million views.

Many commenters praised the fluent language used in the video, while one Lenny Carey wrote that the airline "brought out the most amazing about Malaysia to Malaysia and the world".

5. A rooster's secrets to success in 2017

The video Secret To Success In 2017, by Malaysia-based design studio MFX Studio, shows a rooster overcoming a series of obstacles, while desirable traits such as perseverance and passion are highlighted.

At the end of the 41sec clip, which has been shared on Facebook by several users in the week before Chinese New Year, the gold-covered fowl takes its place on a podium beside a monkey and goat, which were the zodiac animals for the years 2016 and 2015 respectively.

6. A gongfu take on battling sugar


A 90sec clip called Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar, on the evils of sugar in New Year goodies has garnered more than 1.8 million views, 11,000 likes and 26,000 shares as of Friday (Jan 27).

The Government-sponsored video, posted on the Facebook page on Saturday (Jan 21), featured a gongfu exponent and a villain who terrorises a family by adding sugar to their meal as they tuck into their reunion dinner.

Netizens were impressed by the video's production values and creativity.

"The utmost best propaganda I have seen," said one.

"By far one of the best campaign films," said another.

7. Channel 8's 'dabbing' music video

A 2min 31sec Chinese New Year music video by Mediacorp's Channel 8 got people talking for a dance move featured in the video called "dabbing".

Dabbing is a dance move picked up from hip-hop circles in the United States that is meant to be cool.

The dancer drops his head while tucking his face in his inner elbow in a gesture that is said to resemble a sneeze.

Mediacorp's Year of the Rooster video, called Guji Guji LNY 2017, was posted on YouTube on Jan 3.

It featured actors and actresses doing the dab to a Chinese New Year tune.