Forbes Top 10 Chinese celebrities of 2014

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing poses upon arrival prior to attend Louis Vuitton 2014/2015 Autumn/Winter ready-to-wear collection fashion show, on March 5, 2014 in Paris. -- PHOTO: AFP
Chinese actress Fan Bingbing poses upon arrival prior to attend Louis Vuitton 2014/2015 Autumn/Winter ready-to-wear collection fashion show, on March 5, 2014 in Paris. -- PHOTO: AFP

Actress Fan Bingbing has topped this year's Forbes China Celebrity 100 List.

Released earlier this week, the list ranked Fan no. 1 with an annual income of 122 million yuan (S$24.4 million). Joining her in the top 10 were familiar names like Andy Lau, Zhang Ziyi and Jackie Chan.

Celebrities were ranked based on their commercial value, which is calculated based on their income and exposure.

Here are the top 10 Chinese celebs who made the cut.

1. Fan Bingbing

An actress, singer and television producer, Fan has topped the list for the second year running, with an annual income of 122 million yuan. The fashion icon has been busy lately, filming for the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men: Days Of Future Days as well as for her role as Empress Wu Zetian in TV serial The Empress of China.

Fan's popularity helped her beat singer Jay Chou, ranked third on the list, who was the year's biggest earner, with 156.5 million yuan.

2. Andy Lau

Ranking within the top five in the last five years, the heavenly king of Cantopop has proven that his star still shines bright. The Guinness World Record holder for "Most Awards Won by a Cantopop Male Artist" held a sold-out concert tour late 2013.

Earning 89 million yuan, Lau's films in 2013 include Blind Detective, a romantic-comedy also starring Sammi Cheng and Firestorm, which he starred in as well as produced. Lau also had a role in the film Golden Chicken 3 in 2014.

3. Jay Chou

The Taiwanese singer-songwriter places third on the list, though his earnings are the highest at 156.5 million yuan. The multi-talented artist not only composes for himself and other singers but has also tried his hand at acting and directing.

Selling over 30 million albums since his debut in 2000, Chou has kept himself busy recently with his concert tour titled Opus Jay World Tour. The response to his 2013 concert in Singapore was so overwhelming that the singer will be performing a one-night only show in 2014 in Singapore's 30,000-seater National Stadium.

4. Huang Xiaoming

Rising to the fourth spot from the eighth last year, Huang has made the successful transition from television idol to big screen male lead. The actor has numerous films waiting to be released including Chinese 3D epic drama The Crossing and The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom.

5. Zhang Ziyi

Film actress and model Zhang Ziyi takes fifth place in 2014. Well known for her roles in films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers and Memoirs of a Geisha, some of her more recent works include Wu Wen Xi Dong and John Woo's The Crossing.

Zhang has remained within the top seven on the list since 2004.

6. Yang Mi

The young starlet, who started acting at the age of four, gained popularity through her breakthrough role in Chinese television series Palace in 2011.

Though she was awarded Most Disappointing Actress at the Golden Broom Awards in 2013, Yang has films and TV shows lined up this year with films The Breakup Guru and Tiny Times 3 premiering in June and July respectively.

7. Lin Chi-Ling

Referred to by many as "The First Face of Taiwan", Lin's beauty and gentle demeanor gained her a wide fan base. The model turned actress skyrocketed into the lime light in 2004 with a series of advertisements in Taiwan which led to a craze for supermodels and what was eventually called "The Lin Chi-ling Phenomenon".

8 Li Na

The only athelete to make it into the top 10, the professional tennis player is currently ranked world no. 2 by the Women's Tennis Association.

Li defeated Dominika Cibulkova in the 2014 Australian open finals to become the first Asian Australian Open champion. Li also managed to beat Cibulkova in straight sets and win the title after being match point down, the fourth woman to do so.

9 Nicky Wu

The Taiwanese singer and actor started his career in the boy band Little Tigers Team before persuing a successful solo career which saw him release both Mandarin and Cantonese albums.

Wu's most recent TV series, Scarlet Heart 2, premiered in China on April 22, 2014. Wu takes the male lead opposite real life girlfriend Cecilia Liu.

10. Jackie Chan

Action star Jackie Chan takes the final spot on the top 10 though the multi-talented veteran hasn't been too active lately.

Chan starred in Police Story 2013, a reboot of the Police Story film series in which Chan takes on the role of a mainland Chinese officer, the film was released in December 2013.