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Cheap & Good: Wholesome, comforting fishball noodles at Redhill

Each bowl of noodles comes with slices of fishcake, fishballs, meat balls, minced pork and lean pork slices.
Each bowl of noodles comes with slices of fishcake, fishballs, meat balls, minced pork and lean pork slices.ST PHOTO: REBECCA LYNNE TAN

I have a love-hate relationship with most of my foodie friends.

Love - because we have a shared love for good local fare. And hate - because they hate telling me about their food haunts, for fear of, well, this exact moment - when it suddenly appears in The Sunday Times.

Last week, I asked a friend out to have mee pok for lunch in Lengkok Bahru near Redhill. He was not free, but his text message reply to me was: "Please don't write about it. This place is sacred."

To be honest, the thought of recommending it in this column had not crossed my mind.

But after I tucked into the noodles at Seng Hong, a coffee shop at Block 58 Lengkok Bahru, with Petrina Loh, chef-owner of Morsels in Dempsey Hill last week, the thought of keeping mum about it went out the window.

She tells me she can eat at the noodle stall up to four times a week. And I can see why - the soup here is wholesome, comforting and flavourful. It is also not something that one would get sick of easily. I had two bowls that afternoon.

Plus, she has given me the go-ahead to write about it, because when it comes to good food, we are on the same page - it is all about sharing.


    Block 58 Lengkok Bahru, open: 7am to about 2.30pm, closed on some Sundays, but open today

    Rating: 3/5

The coffee shop has just two stalls - a low-key noodle stall called Block 58 Lengkok Bahru Minced Meat Noodle and a drinks stall that also sells traditional soft, steamed bread.

It closes on some Sundays, as indicated by a little sign on the wall. You will be glad to know it is open today.

Kway teow tng (flat-rice noodles in soup) and bee tai mak tng (short rice noodles that resemble rat's tails in soup) are my usual go-to dishes at fishball noodle stalls and this stall does a good version, with a few cubes of pork lard and a splash of scallion oil.

There is also mee pok, mee kia and mee sua, which you can have dry or in soup.

If you opt for dry noodles, be sure to ask for additional chilli and vinegar so that there will be enough to coat each strand. My mee pok tar last week was far too dry.

Prices start at $3 a bowl. Each bowl of noodles comes with slices of fishcake, fishballs, meat balls and well-seasoned minced pork and lean pork slices.

On a low-carb diet? Order a tasty bowl of liao tang (ingredients in soup) instead. Ask for an egg to be added into the soup for extra oomph.

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