Prata, laksa, cake? Here are ST readers' first meals of 2018

Here is what some of our readers ate for their first meals of the year.
Here is what some of our readers ate for their first meals of the year.PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM/@WONGAHYOKE,@MSPOSHNOSH, @WHEELIE_WONKA, @PE3NA, @JEREMYMONTEIRO, @PENGLOH

SINGAPORE - Some kicked off with prata and fiery laksa. Others opted for simpler fare like porridge and instant noodles.

Foodies took to Instagram to post their first meals of 2018 on Monday (Jan 1).

The Straits Times food website, known as ST Food, put out a call for people to post photos of their first meals last week. At 1pm on New Year's Day, there were more than 200 posts. This went up to more than 450 by 6.30pm.

To join, take a photo of your meal and post it on Instagram. Remember to use the hashtags #firstmeal2018 and #stfoodtrending.

Happy drooling and happy new year!

1. A bowl of chicken soup

ST's veteran food critic Wong Ah Yoke takes the lead with soul food - a bowl of chicken soup to start the year with.

2. Ozoni soup

ST Life editor Tan Hsueh Yun began her year with a brightly coloured ozoni soup.

It is a dish traditionally eaten by the Japanese on New Year's Day.

Ms Tan's version came with home-made dashi broth, vegetables, chicken, mushroom and toasted mochi.

3. Curry puffs

Veteran para-swimmer Theresa Goh started her year with crisp, golden curry puffs from 1A crispy puffs.

"I spent the last moments of 2017 with loved ones and I'm excited for what 2018 holds," she wrote.

4. Indomie instant noodles with roe

Petrina Loh, the chef and owner of Morsels restaurant in Dempsey Hill, had a simple meal of Indomie instant noodles, brightened by a sprinkling of salmon roe.

5. Mee goreng in Malaysia

Jazz musician Jeremy Monteiro kicked off his new year with mamak mee or Indian mee goreng with a fried egg on top in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

6. Champagne and roti prata - separately

Hotelier and restaurateur Loh Lik Peng had champagne instead - a bottle of Taittinger Prestige Rose at Como Dempsey.

He followed up with actual food - roti prata.

7. English breakfast

Chef-owner of Wild Rocket in Mount Emily Willin Low had a breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon and beans.

8. Crispy pork leg

Russell Yu, director of one-Michelin-starred restaurant Iggy's, had crispy pata or pork leg "to make me move faster this 2018".

9. Korean sliced rice cake soup

Sun Kim, chef and owner of the one-Michelin-starred restaurant Meta in Keong Saik Road had a hearty tteokguk or sliced rice cake soup, a Korean dish traditionally eaten during the Korean New Year.

10. Porridge with German sausage

Andre Huber, director of Huber's Butchery, made comfort food for his first meal - porridge with Wienerli sausage.

After waking up countless times hungover on New Year’s Day and having instant noodles or Maccas, I decided to forward plan and cooked my comfort food, Wienerli porridge/congee yesterday. My mum used to make this for me when we first made the Wienerli sausage at the Butchery and I love how the sweetness from the carrots go with the smokiness and savouriness of the sausage. I added some eggs to give it a thicker consistency and finished it off with spring onions and homemade chicken floss. Will make it point to share my food adventures this year with the newly launched @straitstimesfood. #firstmeal2018 #stfoodtrending #congee #porridge #sausage #comfortfood #foodporn #homecookedmeal @rebeccalynnetan

11. Minced meat noodles

Chef-owner Mervin Goh, 45, of Japanese restaurant Akashi at Orchard Parade Hotel, gave a shout-out to hawker food with a meal of minced meat noodles.

12. Vegeterian degustation menu

Prive Group chairman Yuan Oeij  had a vegetarian degustation menu at Empress Chinese restaurant.

13. A discounted Christmas meal

Tampines GRC MP Baey Yam Keng had a Christmas meal at his parents' place. The set, which included turkey, achar and pork knuckle, had been on offer at a supermarket.

14. Nasi lemak

Chua Chu Kang GRC MP Zaqy Mohamad had a meal of nasi lemak.

15. Thai for Tiffany Teo

Mixed martial arts (MMA) exponent Tiffany Teo had Thai food for her first meal.

16. Wanton mee, rojak and orh luak

National netballer Charmaine Soh had a feast of local favourites including wanton mee, rojak and oyster omelette.

Here's what else is on our readers' #firstmeal2018 menu. Do join in the fun!
After last night's party, I was awakened by my hunger... STARVING! Super love the dessert! 😍😍 Just a little episode of mine this morning... I woke up to a missed call from my dad at 6am+. He never really call and usually it's my mum who calls. Me being me, I will usually call back when I'm awake. So when I saw the missed call I got a little worried and decided to call back. Turns out... My mum picked up the call and told me her phone is spoilt. She can't switch on her phone no matter what she does. 😔 On the other hand, I'm glad that everything is good. For a few secs, it did came to my mind "oh no... It's the 1st day of 2018, please don't." I hope y'all have started 2018 on a positive note. 😊 #jocelsy2018 #firstmeal2018 #stfoodtrending