WATCH: US YouTube duo Fung Brothers try out hawker food in Singapore

With some expert guidance provided by other YouTube friends who know the local scene.

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When we last featured Asian-American comedy/rapping pair David and Andrew Fung talking about food, they were enthusiatically lauding the wonders of rendang and "char kway tiu" (I'm sorry, I still can't get over that pronunciation) while surreptitiously advertising for Ayam Brand.

This time, they actually are in Singapore to do a real-life taste test of local fare at the Old Airport Road food centre.

Leading them around the hawker centre and giving them insights on Singapore are local YouTubers Eden from Wah!Banana, Jonathan and Roz from Cheokboard Studios, and Sylvia, Ryan and Jaz from Night Owl Cinematics.

In this video, they are given tips on what to order (hae mee, popiah, soursop juice) as well as what to do (call the stall uncles and aunties uh... "Uncle" and "Auntie") when one patronises a hawker centre.

All in all, they get to try out a rather broad range of the dishes available to us, from chicken rice to lor mee and nasi briyani, along with teh peng and iced milo (mee-lo *giggles*), the staple tasty beverages we Singaporeans use to wash our food down.

They even tried out eating nasi lemak the traditional way: with their hands (something my mother frowns upon when my brother and I eat nasi lemak, but that's a different story).

Unfortunately, there was nary a sight of char kway teow, but considering how much food they had, I guess that'll have to be saved for another day.

Also, I have to admit, I've never heard of someone who's messy or who doesn't know what he's doing being described as "rojak". I always thought it referred to someone who was of mixed racial heritage, but then what do I know, I'm technically American anyway.

If there are any dishes you think they should have tried, please let them know. I personally think they should have tried some of the other desserts found here, like ice kachang, cheng tng or bubur hitam. Mmmm... bubur hitam.

Who knows, maybe they will get to try out even more Singapore food and make videos about it. And if that happens, then everybody wins.

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