WATCH: Asian-American duo Fung Brothers sing and rap about Singapore and Malaysia

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For a country that has had a long relationship with the United States, it seems odd that the general perception Americans have of this country is:

1) Gum is illegal

2) We cane people in jail

3 We're part of China.

Fortunately, most Americans I've had the pleasure of making an acquaintance with don't have that image of Singapore. And this video by Asian-American comedy duo The Fung Brothers will definitely help clear up some of the misconceptions about the Lion City, as well as promote some of the best things that Singapore and its neighbour Malaysia have to offer: food.

They do a really good job of introducing the various kinds of cuisine found both here and north of the Causeway, picking dishes from the various ethnic groups (+5 points for using the Singaporean name roti prata, -5 for pronouncing it Char Kway Tiu) while giving facts about the two countries.

In all likelihood, there was a sponsorship by Ayam Brand somewhere, what with the product placement and its appearance in the lyrics of the song, but the catchy tunes do throw the spotlight on things that residents of the two countries are proud about.

Mad props too, to the dude who was totally digging into the durian. Guess he's an American who would feel right at home here.

While their pronunciation of some of the words could use some coaching, you have to admit they got most of the Singlish right.

And the "mum" certainly sounds a bit like my mum, who is a firm believer in the tenet that you can never have too much food when guests are about.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be toddling off to Jalan Kayu for some supper...

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