Video: Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery makes traditional kueh

At Lek Lim, a confectionery in Bedok, kueh is still handmade the traditional way. ST VIDEO

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery started as a small home business back in 1968.

Founded by Leck Peng Kwang, the halal-certified cake shop moved to its current premises in Bedok in 1978.

Running the show now is third-generation owner Gavan Sing, the founder's grandson.

Ang ku kueh - red kueh filled with mung bean paste or peanuts - are moulded to resemble a tortoise shells, an auspicious Chinese symbol of longevity.

Other kueh available here include everything from kueh salat (glutinous rice topped with a pandan coconut jam) and kueh lapis (layered kueh), to ondeh ondeh - balls of kueh with liquid gula melaka centres.

The shop also sells savoury kueh such as png kueh which has a glutinous rice filling, and soon kueh, with a bamboo shoot filling.

Mr Leck and his wife had learnt the art of the making kueh from a Peranakan woman back in the late 1960s, and have passed the kueh making tradition on to their children and now grandchildren.

WHERE: Block 84, Bedok North Street 4, 01-21, tel: 6449-0815
OPEN: 6.30am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday), 6.30am to 2pm (Sunday)