Tuck into ondeh-ondeh prata at Casuarina Curry

In addition to its signature roti prata, fish head curry and nasi briyani, Indian restaurant Casuarina Curry in MacPherson Road also serves innovative items such as a Super Long Jumbo Thosai and an ondeh ondeh-inspired prata.

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Watch a video and read more about the young owners behind Casuarina Curry in MacPherson Road. The outlet, which is owned and run by primary schoolmates Keerthi Rajendran, 32, and Karthigayan Venkatesan, 33, opened in 2011.

Besides signature offerings of roti prata and dishes such as fish head curry and nasi biryani, this outlet also serves newfangled fare such as an ondeh ondeh-inspired prata and a 1m-long jumbo thosai filled with cheese and a special chutney.

A Day In The Kitchen at Casuarina Curry in MacPherson Road: str.sg/ohh7


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