This Valentine’s Day, gift your significant other with chocolate sushi

One of Nestle's flagship KitKat chocolate stores in Tokyo has a new treat available to lovers.
(From left) Maguro, Uni and Tamago sushi-inspired KitKats.
(From left) Maguro, Uni and Tamago sushi-inspired KitKats.PHOTO: TOKYO BARGAIN MANIA

(INQUIRER) - KitKat Japan isn’t done making kooky creations. This time, it’s in sweet sushi form.

The sushi is made with sweet puffed rice topped with flavoured KitKats. They’re also inspired by three staples: Tamago (pumpkin KitKat and white chocolate rice); Uni (Hokkaido melon KitKat and mascarpone cheese rice); and Maguro (raspberry KitKat and white chocolate rice).

Nope, they didn’t make any savoury flavours.

kitkat sushi maguro

Maguro sushi-inspired KitKat. PHOTO: TOKYO BARGAIN MANIA

Of course, this isn’t sushi without nori. Uni and Tamago comes with seaweed for added flavour and authenticity.

kitkat sushi uni

Tamago sushi-inspired KitKat. PHOTO: TOKYO BARGAIN MANIA

kitkat sushi tamago

Uni sushi-inspired KitKat. PHOTO: TOKYO BARGAIN MANIA

KitKat Japan is known for making flavours like matcha, wasabi, and even sake. They also made a gold-covered chocolate in 2015.

The chocolate sushi will be available at KitKat’s specialty store at the Ginza District in Tokyo starting Thursday (Feb 2). So if you find yourself in Japan, this will make for a great Valentine’s Day gift.