Steamed fish, curry, and... 12 grapes? Celebrities and readers share their first meals of 2019

A selection of some of the first meals that were posted on social media by newsmakers and readers of the Straits Times.
A selection of some of the first meals that were posted on social media by newsmakers and readers of the Straits Times. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM/@JANICEYMKOH, @KAISER.MISAKI, @NGKINKIAJASMINE, @GL_LIVE2EAT, @JTEDDYWEE, @MICHELLU, @TORBJORNGK, @AARONTAN_ZHIWEI

SINGAPORE - New year, new resolutions - and for many, these will inevitably involve food. But whether you're cutting back on carbs or trying to pack on the pounds, one thing is for certain: Everyone has to eat sometime.

So why not share your meal of choice with the world?

Last week, The Straits Times' food website ST Food invited people to post photos of their first meals of 2019 on Instagram.

Anybody can join in the fun: Simply ensure your post settings are set to "public", use the hashtags #firstmeal2019 and #straitstimesfood and tag @straitstimesfood in your post.

Then share your post and show everyone how your stomach welcomed the new year!

Don't forget to see what everyone else is eating at - you might just find a kindred soul, or something that surprises you.

For instance:

1. 12 grapes

The first thing writer and magician Ning Cai ate in 2019 was 12 grapes. This was done as part of a Spanish tradition to welcome the New Year.

2. Mutton Kway Teow

Minister of State for National Development and Manpower Zaqy Mohamad's first meal was a hearty supper of mutton kway teow at Adam Road, after a joyous new year countdown at Keat Hong.

3. Apple slices and egg whites

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Seah Kian Peng has a yearly tradition of eating breakfast first thing in the morning on New Year's Day, and this year was no exception. He had a bowl of apple slices and egg whites.

4. Steamed fish

Restaurateur Michel Lu's first meal of steamed fish was a relatively unconventional one, but looked delicious nonetheless.

5. A little bit of everything

For second-hand shop owner Brillyn Toh, New Year's breakfast was a little different. Hers came after a morning spent volunteering with non-profit organisation Willing Hearts and was a mixture of different dishes cooked by the volunteers there.

6. Instant noodles and abalone

When film-maker Jasmine Ng couldn't get a cab or find any open eateries in the early morning of Jan 1, she dropped by the petrol kiosk and made do with a bowl of instant noodles, and what appeared to be a giant piece of abalone.

7. Nasi Lemak

Getai organiser Aaron Tan went with an all-time favourite - Nasi Lemak.

8. Prata Kosong and fish curry

Hotelier and restaurateur Loh Lik Peng opted for prata kosong "slathered" with fish curry. He described the sinful but delicious dish as the "best way to start a holiday".

9. A toasted sandwich

Speedoc's founder Shravan Verma's first meal this year was actually his dinner for Dec 31. As a company that provides on-demand mobile medical service, Speedoc is busiest during the festive seasons - but Dr Verma said he wouldn't have it any other way.

10. Mee Siam and Kopi Tarik

MP Teo Ser Luck chose Mee Siam and Kopi Tarik for his late breakfast, and for comfort.

11. Pancakes and the works

Multidisciplinary artist Sarah Choo Jing's breakfast consisted of pancakes, sliced fruits, maple syrup and pistachio ganache.

12. Milk tea and raisin bread

Comic artist Sonny Liew started the year with a cup of milk tea and a piece of raisin bread, as well as some quality reading material.

13. Sourdough, Salmon and Salad

Designer Nathan Yong had rye sourdough, smoked salmon, mashed egg salad in dill and caper mayonnaise.

Here's what some other public personalities and readers ate: