ST Podcast: Beef up your knowledge of wine for the festive period


Money Hacks Ep 23 - How to start a wine collection and invest in it (10mins)

Synopsis: In this podcast series, The Straits Times and The Business Times offer tips for the newcomer to the financial and investment scene.

This episode above is aimed at wine collecting and investment. How to pick wines on sale, go for tasting events at supermarkets. Which are the "off vintages" you should go for, as they cost less up front than premium vintages, and also appreciate at a rapid rate?

Money Hacks Ep 24:

5-step approach to wine collection, investment and enjoyment with local food (12:45 mins)

In this episode, learn to pair wine with local food. Try chardonnay with mee pok and merlot with prata or briyani.

Money Hacks Ep 31:

Using ST Wine to know more about wine investment and enjoyment (10:31 mins)

Wine consultant Roderic Proniewski - who runs Asia Wine Network - speaks about investing in wine.
If you have little knowledge of wine, find out why ST Wine is a great way to dip one's toes in the worlds of both wine investment and enjoyment.

Money Hacks Ep 32:

Wine education for F&B trade professionals and enthusiasts (10:50 mins)

In an advanced economy like Singapore's, food and beverage employees who have certification can raise their own professional values. Can Skills Future offset the costs of such courses like the French Wine Scholar and Certified Specialist Of Wine programmes? 

Veteran wine educator and international wine judge Lim Hwee Peng explains how enthusiasts who have business dealings here and in growing markets like China will find wine education beneficial.

All episodes produced by: Ernest Luis and Christopher Lim

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