Singaporean dish orh luak named as one of New York Times' dishes of the year

An Instagram post from The New York Times showing the oyster omelette dish from Chomp Chomp.
An Instagram post from The New York Times showing the oyster omelette dish from Chomp Chomp.PHOTO: NYTIMES/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) - It has been a big year for the humble oyster omelette.

First, it was the dish of choice among several politicians during the 2015 General Election. Now, it has been named among the New York Times' (NYT) lists of the best food of the year.

Yes, the delicious combination of egg, garlic and oysters has made it into the pages of NYT.

Well done, you calorie-laden omelette, you.

NYT's food critic Pete Wells recently included the dish from Chomp Chomp in his list of the top 10 restaurant dishes of 2015.

Oh luak at Chomp Chomp in Greenwich Village. “No tricky stuff here,” wrote @nytfood restaurant critic @pete_wells, “just a traditional oyster-and-garlic chive omelet from Singapore, but with very nice oysters and a savory undertow in the eggs that sneaks up and grabs you.” This is one of 10 New York dishes @pete_wells ate this year that he can’t stop thinking about. “They’re the tastes that I ate with the most intense pleasure and that left the most vivid impressions,” he wrote for @nytfood. “They do not necessarily represent the year’s finest achievements in the culinary arts. Then again, maybe they do.” To see more, follow @nytfood or visit the link in our profile. #ohluak #top10dishes2015

If case you're wondering, no, the Chomp Chomp that Wells visited is not the one at Serangoon Gardens but, instead, a restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York, that is named after the hawker centre in Singapore.

Started by Mr Simpson Wong, a Malaysian former banker, Chomp Chomp sells Singaporean hawker food.

Many Singaporeans, though, would probably balk at the price tag for their version of oyster omelette - US$12 (S$16.90).

Other dishes on Chomp Chomp's menu include murtabak (US$9), cereal prawns (US$9) , char kway teow (US$14) and of course, roasted chicken rice (US$14).

If New York is too far to fly to get orh luak, where can you get the best oyster omelette in Singapore?

In 2013, Straits Times' food editor Tan Hsueh Yun called the crunchy version sold at Simon Road Oyster Omelette the best she's ever had.