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Scone meets cookie in a tasty bite

Scones from Slap A Scone at the Caltex petrol station in Braddell Road. -- ST PHOTO: TIFFANY GOH
Scones from Slap A Scone at the Caltex petrol station in Braddell Road. -- ST PHOTO: TIFFANY GOH

When a colleague told me about scones from the Caltex petrol station in Braddell Road near the office, I think I must have grimaced.

I will admit that I have eaten a chicken pie or more from petrol stations, but this was out of desperation rather than desire, although those pastries do have a way of hitting the spot when one is hungry.

But a petrol station scone? I wasn't sure that I'd be excited or willing to try that. Who knows how long they have been sitting there?

He must have sensed my disdain which then prompted him to respond: "Honestly, I think they are pretty good. You should check them out sometime."

Well, I did.

And, as it turns out, the scones are made on site, in a shoebox of a bakery that has been carved out of the convenience store where petrol payments are made.

Slap A Scone opened about three weeks ago and sells only scones.

The freshly baked scones come in two sizes; mini ones are about 5cm in diameter ($1 each), while the large ones ($2.50) are about three times the size of the mini ones.

There are nine flavours, including Yuzu, Almond And Raisin and Macadamia.

Usually, when scones are baked, they are often packed firmly together so that they can help each other rise.

The ones here look a little less conventional and are baked like cookies, spaced out on a baking sheet.

In fact, to me, some of the flavoured ones are a hybrid - scookie (scone + cookie) or sconie (scone + brownie), perhaps?

The ones that I would classify as scookies or sconies are the Dark Chocolate and Latte Macchiato flavours. Great to eat on their own.

I like their light, slightly crumbly and moist texture. The shop can warm them up if you plan to eat them immediately.

If you are more of a traditionalist, then opt for the Yuzu, Plain, Almond And Raisin and Macadamia versions.

The Yuzu, in particular, is zippy and zesty, while the Macadamia, which contains bits of macadamia nuts, is richer and more intense.

Take these ones home for afternoon tea, to have with jam and clotted cream.

The bakery also sells two spreads, or what it calls "dips", to go with the plain scones - Tarte Tartin, a caramel apple dip, and Ispahan, a rose, raspberry and lychee dip ($3 for a large plain scone and dip).

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