Savoury peanut gravy on beancurd and ketupat

Ketupat and fried beancurd soak up the flavoursome peanut gravy in Kupat Tahu. PHOTO: HEDY KHOO

SINGAPORE (THE NEW PAPER) - Entertaining at home does not mean having to burn a hole in your pocket or cook up a storm.

For a cosy gathering with a few friends, try serving kupat tahu. It is a dish of ketupat and fried bean curd slathered in a rich homemade peanut gravy. Kupat is Javanese for ketupat.

Tau kwa, instead of tofu, is used in this dish. The cucumber pieces and bean sprouts add crunch. Add pandan leaves to the water used for boiling the ketupat for extra fragrance.

For the peanut gravy - depending on your preference - you can process the peanut mixture longer for a smoother texture. I prefer a grittier texture where you can bite into peanut bits.

To save time on the day of the party, you can prepare the peanut gravy the day before. Allow it to cool before refrigerating it. Reheat when it is time to serve.

Serve the ingredients buffet-style so that your guests can assemble their own kupat tahu. Keep the peanut gravy warm in a thermal pot.

Kupat Tahu


2 litres water (for boiling ketupat)
5 pandan leaves, knotted
8 small packets of uncooked ketupat
300ml cooking oil
500g raw peanuts
3 red finger chillies, sliced
6 chilli padi
5 garlic cloves
3 Tbs assam jawa (tamarind pulp)
250ml water (for soaking the assam jawa)
800ml water
250g gula jawa (palm sugar), chopped
3 Tbs kecap manis
500ml water (for blanching beansprouts)
3½ tsp salt
300g bean sprouts
4 tau kwa (firm bean curd), cut diagonally into triangular quarters
4 Japanese cucumbers, cut into bite-size chunks
4 hard-boiled eggs, halved
30g fried shallots (for garnish)
16 pieces of fried keropok


1. Bring 2 litres of water to boil in a pot and place the knotted pandan leaves in it.

2. Place the ketupat packets in the pot. Boil on medium heat for 90 minutes, then let it cool for two to three hours. Cut into cubes.

3. Heat 100ml of oil. Fry the raw peanuts over low heat. Add in the red finger chillies, chilli padi and garlic cloves before the peanuts are browned.


Yields 8 servings.

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