Piecaken - three pies stuffed into a cake - is the latest food fad to sweep the US

The piecaken, a Thanksgiving dish of a layer cake stuffed with three types of pie.
The piecaken, a Thanksgiving dish of a layer cake stuffed with three types of pie. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

First, there was the cronut - an unusual combination of a croissant and a doughnut.

Now meet the piecaken, an even more bizarre confection that has been generating some social media buzz over the Thanksgiving weeked in the US.

What it is: Three types of pie - pecan, pumpkin and apple - crammed into a layer cake that celebrates America's love for "stuffing edible things into other edible things for the sheer gluttonous joy of it".

According to The New York Times, the dish was popularised last week after pastry chefs from New York restaurant David Burke Fabrick shared the recipe on television.


It is not new, having existed in underground eating circles for several years. The confection draws inspiration from a savoury Thanksgiving favourite, the turducken - a chicken stuffed in a duck, that is then stuffed in a turkey.

Paying homage to the triple staples of pumpkin, apple and pecan pies which are popular at Thanksgiving dinners throughout the country, the piecaken is described as a spiced poundcake containing layers of pecan and pumpkin pie, then topped with upside-down apple pie.

For good measure, the entire construction is coated in sinful cinnamon buttercream and embellished on the side with oat crumble.

Zac Young, an executive pastry chef with the David Burke Group, said he came up with the recipe four months ago as they wanted to elevate the "dessert turducken". It has since been selling 100 piecakens, priced at US$49 (S$69) each, every day.

Check out some of the more outrageous takes on piecaken that have been circulating on social media below.