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Our hawkers, our heritage

Gritty charm of Hong Kong's dai pai dong

Hong Kong may be home to some of the world's best fine-dining restaurants but the street-food culture of dai pai dong, or open-air food stalls in busy streets or tucked-away alleys, can be hailed as a quintessential experience.

Hawker food picks

Chilli crab, chicken rice or kaya toast? A taste of Singapore abroad

The Sunday Times rounds up some places where Singaporeans can find an authentic taste of home. 

Familiar hawker flavours get a twist at these restaurants

With fast-food outlets serving nasi lemak burgers and restaurants like Morsels and one-Michelin-starred Labyrinth whipping up their versions of local-inspired flavours, hawker fare has become much more than a low-cost food option for the masses.

Hawker feature

Hawkers in Hock Lam Street in 1975. At that time, hundreds of street hawkers in the city were asked by the Environment Ministery to fill up empty stalls in existing hawker centres. These hawkers, many of whom have been operating for years in side str
How Singapore's street food scene evolved

A timeline of how hawker centres in Singapore went from being streetside stalls to food sellers getting hygiene grades.