Jean Dore, Redpan, Big Street, Bistro French Quays and Characters Cafe

Chilli Crab In A Prata Bag (seasonal pricing)
Chilli Crab In A Prata Bag (seasonal pricing) PHOTO: BIG STREET
Mangalica pork chop ($36, photo 4) with sauerkraut and seed mustard cream
Mangalica pork chop ($36, photo 4) with sauerkraut and seed mustard cream PHOTO: BISTRO FRENCH QUAYS
Dorayaki (Japanese pancake sandwich) filled with red bean paste and ice cream.
Dorayaki (Japanese pancake sandwich) filled with red bean paste and ice cream.PHOTO: CHARACTERS CAFE


Taking over the former premises of fine-dining restaurant Saint Pierre, which is relocating to One Fullerton, is a French bistro named after John Dory fish. Opened by the Emmanuel Stroobant Group, this 120-seat restaurant has a seafood-heavy menu.

Dishes include Bouillabaisse Royale ($38), a saffron fish soup made with rock fish and ratte potatoes; and Cabillaud a la Tomate ($38), baked black cod with tomato confit and Hollandaise espuma.

Meat lovers can go for the Boeuf Tartines ($14), sheets of marinated beef on toasted French bread slathered with pesto, and Boeuf Tartare Classique ($26), hand-chopped raw beef tenderloin seasoned with capers, pickles, shallot and cocktail sauce.

Desserts include the Profiterole Geante ($24 for two persons), a giant profiterole with custard, vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate glaze.

Tartare Classique - PHOTO: JEAN DORE

Where: 31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle, 01-15, Sentosa

Open: 4 to 10pm, weekday; 10.30am to 11pm, Saturday; 10.30am to 10pm, Sunday

Info: Call 6262-5545 or go to


Established Singapore architecture firm DP Architects has partnered with The Food Explorer Group, which runs Grub Burger Bistro and Fix cafe, to start a modern Singapore restaurant.

For mains, tuck into Prawn & Hae Bee Hiam Pasta ($15), where tagliatelle is spiced up with the spicy dried shrimp condiment, made from head chef Mervyn Phan's grandmother's recipe. Other dishes include Char Siew Chilli Fries ($7), topped with char siew ragout, sour cream and jalapeno salsa; Pork Pops (fried pork belly) with spicy mango sauce ($7) and Roti John ($9), grilled baguette topped with omelette.

Desserts also get the local treatment. Banana Milo Dinosaur Donuts ($7) are drizzled with condensed milk, Milo powder and crushed hazelnuts, and the Sour Plum Shandy ($12) is a concoction of sour plum, wheat beer and lemonade.

Where: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, 02-03

 Tartare Classique - PHOTO: JEAN DORE

Open: 9am to 10pm, weekday; 11am to 10pm, weekend

Info: Call 6255-5850 or go to


Taking a cue from its 21/2-storey conservation shophouse location in Jalan Besar, this 130-seat restaurant-bar puts the spotlight on Singapore cuisine. Expect favourites such as chicken satay with crunchy peanut sauce ($9), Hokkien mee ($16), char kway teow with prawns and scallops ($16) and nasi briyani ($10).

There is also a spin on roti prata, Chilli Crab In A Prata Bag (seasonal pricing), where the saucy crustacean is nestled in crisp prata.

The drinks menu features iced brewed coffee ($6) and cocktails such as Singapore Cocktail and Long Island Tea (from $12).

Where: 104/106 Jalan Besar

Open: 5pm to 5am, Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday

Info: Call 6100-2661 or go to


This waterfront 70-seat French restaurant has an extensive menu of meat and seafood dishes. Signature dishes include French Quays, a 1.2kg slab of Angus prime rib ($149), served with shallot confit and red wine jus; Mangalica pork chop ($36) with sauerkraut and seed mustard cream; and sauteed beef tenderloin ($29) served on a bed of potato puree and drizzled with mushroom jus.

Seafood options include Seafood Cassoulet ($49) which has a half Boston lobster, scallops, prawns, squid and mussels cooked in tomato sauce and white haricot beans; and Boston Lobster Thermidor ($75), a whole lobster baked with mozzarella cheese and truffle potato puree.

Desserts include raspberry white chocolate lava cake ($13), and waffles ($15) with Calvados or apple brandy.

Where: 31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle, 01-11, Sentosa

Open: noon to 11pm, weekday; 11am to 11pm, weekend

Info: Call 6268-8633 or go to


Home-grown Japanese snacks and toy distributor Bon Japan has gone into the food business. The 16-seat cafe takes on a different character theme every two weeks, ranging from Japanese cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma to superheroes.

This month, the theme is Doraemon and the cafe's cutlery and decor will feature the robot cat from the manga series.

Choose from three set menus (from $19.90 a person). Dishes include chicken and fish fillet burgers, served with mashed potatoes and fried garlic mushrooms and chips, and a dorayaki (Japanese pancake sandwich) filled with red bean paste and ice cream. Each set meal comes with a collectible gift.

There are six to eight one-hour dining slots daily and tickets can be bought in advance. Upcoming themes include Hello Kitty and the Love Life! anime.

Where: 11 Orchard Road, Dhoby Ghaut Xchange, B1-36

Open: noon to 9pm daily

Info: Call 6560-5424 or go to

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