Nude Seafood: Inexpensive, healthy seafood

SINGAPORE - (THE NEW PAPER) Newly-opened nude Seafood reminds me of London, where there are many options when it comes to inexpensive, healthy food.

They are often socially conscious, and explained with words too pretty to be meaningful.

In Nude's case: "We democratise good seafood, by serving fine-dining meals at affordable prices with the efficiency of fast food. We source exceptional ingredients and cook them simply, transparently - nude."

That aside, I had a great, visually appealing meal. I was impressed, since the kitchen was under five days old when I turned up unannounced.

The food portions are hearty, but not overwhelming. That the food was inexpensive also surprised me.

There were a few things that rattled me though. Nude doesn't serve tap water, which is weird because that's a healthy option. There is a paid bottled version, though.

The table was wobbly too, which is noteworthy considering that it's such a new place. Let's hope they'll find a solution soon.


The Aburi salmon belly ($13) is slightly oily but still manages to taste light on the tongue.

The sauce is refreshing in its tartness.

The noodles are not made in-house, but that doesn't subtract from the experience.


The Chilean bass and chilled somen ($16) is served with a slightly sweet homemade dashi, which acted as a balance to the salty fish.

The corn kernels added crunch, and an egg added creaminess.

It sounds convoluted, but it worked.


Since I quit smoking, I get a kick from smoked food.

And Nude's hickory smoked salmon ($16, served only for lunch and dinner) did it for me.

The flavour of the salmon - smoked in-house - is enticing and sophisticated.

The flesh is cooked just right, and remained juicy.

It went so well with the grains too.

This tops my list of favourites here.


I think Nude fails in the soup department.

The butternut squash soup ($6) doesn't come with cream, so it felt limp. There was no oomph.

The Corn and Prawn soup ($8) was only marginally better.


Although the grilled King prawns ($19, only for lunch and dinner) was done just right and the forgotten grains salad was substantial, it wasn't innovative.

What struck me was the value: Two plump prawns and a heap of grains that will fill you up quickly.

Worth it, I reckon.

What: Nude Seafood
Where: Marina Bay Financial Tower 3 #01-02, Singapore 018982
When: Weekdays, from 11.30am to 8pm

This article was first published on December 10, 2014.
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