Naples entrepreneur gives coffee-on-the-go new meaning

A Naples entrepreneur, Giuseppe Schisano, is giving coffee-on-the-go new meaning by bringing coffee to customers using a peddle cart.VIDEO: REUTERS

NAPLES, ITALY (REUTERS) - A Naples entrepreneur is giving coffee-on-the-go new meaning. As Francis Maguire reports, Giuseppe Schisano brings coffee to the customer using a pedal cart.

Ringing his bike bell and singing, Mr Giuseppe Schisano pedals his cart through the Naples Spanish Quarter, hoping to profit from the Italian love of coffee.

The 25-year-old takes his produce to clients, pedalling through back streets until he finds a good place to stop and serve up his drink.

He said: "The best thing is that this idea has come out of the Spanish Quarter which is an area on the margins of society. But despite this there are young people like me who are willing to work and give it their all."

There's an art to making a rich cup of coffee. Mr Giuseppe uses a "cuccuma" or flip coffee pot.

The water is boiled in the bottom of the pot - and ground coffee is placed in the middle.

As soon as the water boils and a drop of water falls from a hole in the side of the pot - it's flipped over, allowing the water to filter through the coffee.