Mentaiko treats to try and Asian dishes to whip up

Japanese restaurant group RE&S celebrates its 30th anniversary with an array of mentaiko or spicy cod roe offerings at Japanese Food Street Shokutsu Ten. ST Food Correspondent Rebecca Lynne Tan susses out the tastiest treats.

Here are some highlights on The Straits Times' food website - ST Food,


In my food picks column published two days ago, I recommended a couple of mentaiko treats at Japanese food street Shokutsu Ten. Participating restaurants include Ichiban Sushi, Tokyo Eater and Kabe No Ana.

Aside from the dishes that I mentioned in the column, I also enjoyed Ichiban Sushi's Ishiyaki Mentai Chazuke Wazen ($21.90) - a set that comes with tempura dory, chawanmushi, mentaiko ice cream and a hot-stone bowl of rice with stir-fried pork belly and large whole pieces of mentaiko. Add dashi to the rice to make chazuke.

Watch a video about Shokutsu Ten's mentaiko madness offerings:


McDonald's Singapore released a tear-jerking Ramadan advertisement that has been making its rounds online.

The 1min 52sec video has even been picked up by international media. In fact, a tweet with the clip has gone viral, garnering more than 23,000 likes and 26,000 retweets.

The ad, developed by advertising firm DDB, chronicles a McDonald's delivery rider's day, starting with suhur, or a pre-dawn meal, with his family, till dusk, when a customer offers him a McDonald's meal to break his fast.

Watch the Ramadan advertisement by McDonald's Singapore:


Here are three Asian-style recipes for home cooks who are strapped for time.

Taken from Malaysian newspaper The Star, the recipes include one for deep-fried black pomfret served with a fragrant spice paste sauce; Thai honey prawns; and chicken in a savoury coriander, tomato and garlic sauce.

Three saucy dishes for family dinners by Malaysian chef Amy Beh:

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