McDonald's Samurai burger is back, this time delivered by a samurai?

SINGAPORE - Is McDonald's hinting that its popular Samurai burger is making a comeback?

The fast food giant posted a photo on its Facebook page on Tuesday (Oct 13) of a McDelivery rider clad in a full samurai outfit, complete with a helmet and a delivery bag. Accompanying it was the caption: "The Samurai is riding back into town. Ready your taste buds for an epic adventure."

The post has gained more than 2,110 likes and more than 370 shares since it was posted at 11am. One netizen noted that samurais do not ride motorcycles, but horses, while others worried for the health of the rider if he had to deliver food while wearing the costume in the hot sun.

But that wasn't the samurai's first appearance recently. He was spotted peeking over the counter at a McDonald's outlet in another of the chain's Facebook posts on Saturday (Oct 10), with the caption: "The legend is back. 5 more days and your patience will be rewarded."

That would imply that the burger will come back on McDonald's menus on Thursday (Oct 15).

Local humour site SGAG had also posted a photo of a samurai clearing trays at one of the chain's outlets.

The Samurai burger, which has beef patties covered in teriyaki sauce, has been available for a limited time yearly since at least 2012. Last year's iteration, the Samurai Tamago burger, came with an egg topping too.