Make your own light, airy Nutella doughnuts

Learn to make Nutella doughnuts from scratch with chef Alysia Chan, most recently the executive chef of Crackerjack and 28 HongKong Street. Glazed with a Nutella and dark chocolate icing, each one is filled with lush Nutella creme patisserie.

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Since Krispy Kreme's hit Nutella-filled doughnut will no longer be available after today, try making them at home instead.

In an exclusive video with ST Food, chef Alysia Chan, former executive chef of now-defunct restaurant Crackerjack and speakeasy bar 28 HongKong Street, demonstrates how to make light, airy doughnuts inspired by the ones at London's famed St John Bakery.

Fill the fluffy pillows with lush Nutella creme patissiere and glaze them with dark chocolate Nutella icing. Try chef Chan's take on St John Bakery's head baker and pastry chef Justin Gellatly's doughnuts.

Nutella doughnut recipe:


Dried pasta makes for a quick meal. ST Food has four tips from The Washington Post to ensure that you cook pasta perfectly every time.

Find out when to salt the water and why you ought to save a cup of that starchy pasta water before you drain it.

Tips for perfect pasta:


Tuck into a warm, comforting bowl of chocolate oatmeal this weekend. Add cocoa powder to steel-cut oats for a chocolaty bittersweet treat.

New York Times writer Melissa Clarke suggests toasting the oats in browned butter before adding them to the pot for a more caramel note.

Brown butter chocolate oatmeal recipe:

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