KFC Japan has introduced odourless fried chicken, so you can eat it on the train without annoying other people

KFC Japan has introduced odourless fried chicken at its latest takeaway outlet. PHOTO: KFC

(TOKYO) - If you think the best thing about KFC is the smell of fried chicken, get ready to be disappointed at this particular KFC outlet in Japan.

Japan, which is both famously considerate and has an obsession with eating KFC during the Christmas season, has introduced an odourless fried chicken.

SoraNews24 reported earlier this week that KFC Japan's latest takeaway outlet at the A8 exit of Tokyo's busy Shinjuku subway station is selling a Fried Chicken Home Type. And it is the only outlet in Japan selling this particular type of fried chicken.

Priced at ‎¥500 ($5.96) for two pieces, this innocuous looking dish apparently emits very little fried chicken aroma. The idea is that you can then consume your fried chicken on the train on the way home if you happen to be hungry. But without the scent of fried chicken annoying your fellow passengers on the commute.

According to the SoraNews24 report, the smell is, as promised, non-existent, but upon warming the chicken up in the microwave, the familiar fragrance is detectable.

The KFC Station, which is open only till Dec 31, also offers side dishes such as coleslaw, corn salad, pot pie and smoked chicken.

Don't know about you guys, but we think the smell is one of the best things about KFC chicken. Still, we applaud the thought behind the idea.

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