Jump on the wagon with Cajun On Wheels

SINGAPORE - (THE NEW PAPER) The food truck phenomenon has invaded Asia. It is the current fad in Bangkok and you will see many of them in Taipei. I guess it is time for Singapore to get food trucks, too.

The latest one in town is Cajun On Wheels. Actually, it only resembles one, but is a decorative stall front at PasarBella - Suntec City. It sells pots of seafood with a choice of sauces for those dining in. Those in a rush can take away packets of seafood.

Gimmick aside, the food from Cajun will not change your life. But it provides hearty dishes and you get to eat with your hands. This, for me, is the best way to eat.

But a word of warning: It provides only a small bowl of water for you to wash your hands in and the washroom is a distance away. Go with wet wipes.

The popular dish here is Oh Crab (from $38, good for two), with live Sri Lankan crab. We had it with the salted egg yolk sauce. Thankfully, the sauce did not overwhelm the crab.

(Clockwise from top left) Flexing Mussels (mussels and clams with cheesy cream sauce), Thai red curry with Insane Prawns, Cheese Fries and Chicken Spam Fries. PHOTOS: THE NEW PAPER

Our order of Flexing Mussels ($18, with mussels and clams) came with the addictive cheesy cream sauce. The portion seemed puny, though.

If you can handle spices, get the Thai red curry with the Insane Prawns ($28). I thought the spicy sauce overpowered everything else, but my companions enjoyed it.

The Cheese Fries ($4.50) don't look like much, but they were quite good, with a hint of spice to the cheese.

The Chicken Spam Fries ($4.50) are unhealthy but fun. I ordered this again when I returned for the invited meal, but it was over-fried.

WHAT Cajun On Wheels

WHERE PasarBella - Suntec City

WHEN 11am to 10pm


This article was first published on January 13, 2016.
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